Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hello, Goodbye!

For some reason I haven't been able to log into this blog until now!

I would like to say goodbye to everyone and well done to everyone for the amazing exhibition and fashion show :)


 Have fun in the future with whatever you do xxx

From Holly xxx

 Hehe last attempt at blog promotion :P xxx

Saturday, 7 July 2012


"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collection of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind."