Monday, 31 October 2011


My Pumpkin :)

Here's a spOOky Tim Burton inspired fashion shoot by Tim Walker...

Holly x x x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lace Wings - Freebie's

Here are some pictures of my give-aways for my brand Lace Wings. I have been non stop working (like an elf) which is why I am blogging almost a week late! Just got to make another dress for the presentation on thursday, 3 afternoons to make it :O

Drawstring Bag

Lip Balm and Solid Perfume



Up-Cycled Zip brooch


Business Cards

Fashion Booklet

Everything !!

P.S. Who's excited for this ????..... ME!

Versace for H&M !!!!

Holly x x


went to Bucks on saturday and it was slammin! i looked at the Faurniture Design and Craft course and the others too and they all look brilliant, tutors all lovely the workshops are ace also. i advise my fellow 3Ders to have a look. REALLY COOL MACHINES!!

love from hammah r

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The land of pizza and ice-cream and over friendly men....

Really didn't want to blog about art, as I've been doing it all day after coming back from Italy, trying to catch up! Whoopssss. 

Had an amazing time in Italy and managed not to burn but couldn't stop the return of the freckles! :( I may as well just be a freckle with legs. Anyway the best part was Pompeii which was lushhh and really quite creepy seeing all the bodies frozen in lava... And also going up Vesuvius except I'm a wetty and the altitude made me feel a bit sick :L 
Got some good pictures and ate lots of ice cream (nutella, kinder bueno and toblerone flavoured)

some poor bloke caught off guard by a volcano...

remains of of a roman house ( more like a mansion!)

me and my rents, ( i know i look like i'm adopted)

temple ruins (almost wrote temple run, but i'm sure that iphone "apps" weren't around those days...

Hannah x

p.s I just realised that in our class photo i look 1) REALLY photoshopped (which i was)
and 2) i actually really resemble wallace from wallace and gromit :(

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Delicate Era

Hiiiii. Havent blogged in a while- oops!
Basicallyyy over half term I've been doing sooooo much work, haa!

This is my sketch of what my website is going to look like..
apologies for the poor image- silly blackberryyy!

And this is what I've done so far- just on Microsoft word because I dont really want to make a whole website for something that doesnt exist in the real world.

Obviously I have a lot more work to do! so I best get crackinnn' 

Love Eve x

Monday, 24 October 2011


These are my designs for my necklace

i have changed these a little bit, i kinda changed it as i made it but now that its finished i am pretty happy with it. now i just need to find a buff male model. yes male model please if anyone knows anyone please hook me up!

 love from hannah r

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lace Wings

For this project I have decided to create an up-cycled fashion business called Lace Wings. The name links to wasps and the recycled, delicate theme I want my brand to have.

I have made a dress out of old scraps of material and an old necklace, to display what is possible for my business.

Here is my logo (without a background) and a photoshoot of the dress I made.

I will now use these pictures on my business cards and posters...

By Holly x x

P.s. Sorry for blogging late, I have only just finished the dress!