Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hello.... well I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you all for producing such amazing work and personally I cannot wait until we are all up and ready to show the public how its done. I think we half killed gayle today ha (must remember to cross over and pose not with my bum) anyway keep up the amazing work and tbh I AM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL A LOT    G x


Okay I literally can not remember the last time I blogged something , so I thought I would finally  post some of the pictures I have edited from my photo shoot. I am really pleased with the way that they have come out and thank you to my models Jenny and Ellen who were amazing for meee :)


Courtney the photoshoot looks fabulous, and it was soooo much fun :D
Hannah O - BLOG THE PHOTOSHOOT from Monday! Not even kidding, the garments are GORGEOUS. Love love love love love them. Plus the photos are really creepy and work SO well.

Keep it up guyyys :D

Jennnnnnnny :)

Problem SOLVED!!

Okay so I'd been having a bit of a slump with my long black dress, it's been going well, but looking at it I felt that there was something wrong, something not quite...right. Yet I could NOT for the life of me work out what it was, now I thought to myself, I KNOW I'LL BLOG IT!! So there I was, taking photographs of my dress ready to post with the question, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS? And the small hope that you guys could help out when... BAM. My Dad turned round and said, 'I think a V-neck line would look better' ...so I thought to myself, the neckline...the neckline...THE NECKLINE! Oh my, he was so right, it looked so...boring, and old. It needed to be more...va-va-voom so to speak. Looking at it for so long meant I was too sick of it to even realise...so we gave it a go - using a piece of paper to simply block out some of the neckline, shaping it to a V...and wooo-oo. It looks so much bettter. I then showed him the tassled cord I planned to drap on the back...and he suggested I bring it around the front too...I was sceptical, BUT I think it works!!

I really want to know your opinions:


Now, you see the red ribbon? I'm changing that - to red VELVET ribbon which should arrive this week - and is being put on the green dress also. AND you see those green tassels? Yeah they are GONE. They looked stupid, as though they were just there to be...there. Had no reason and I hated them [why on earth did I put them there in the first place...] BUT I'm replacing them with some different fringy tasselling stuff I shall get...in BLACK. They shall be put on the shoulders [but more of the way round, not just on the top bit of the shoulder] and shall be attached to some red velvet ribbon which I shall make into a choker style necklace :)

Those black tassels will also be put onto the waistcoat, to add more detailing, I am also going to get more of the red tassels and cord for it...

AND after some more brainstorming, I also came up with a new idea for the waistcoat after this comment from Gayle 'you're still playing it too safe Jenny, add something to the waistcoat, something draping perhaps to look more like a curtain' ...so here goes [hope you guys like it] ...I got my Dad to put the waistcoat on, grabbed my last meter of black chiffon and just...placed it randomly on the Waistcoat [all the placings are noted down so I can get it exactly the same again] ....

Look like a draping curtain...? :)

I still need to add the buttons...lol, and also more tasselled detail when I get it ;) the more the better!!

The top still needs to be done also...might have to shove Tedi in just a plain t-shirt for dress rehearsals tomorrow. Oh well... and the skirt...is so PLAIN D: ...so need to add more to that!! EVEN THOUGH...the top has a LOT of detail. So I wanted it to balance it out, but I think some of the black fringing I'm going to get could add some detail without going OTT :)

SO yeah that's what I managed to achieve in the last hour..stopping my Dad from eating his dinner :P lol...his stomach rumbled while I was pinning the chiffon to the waistcoat xD

ANYWAY I'm really happy about this, i'm finally liking the black dress again - phew, and the chiffon on the waistcoat links those two outfits together well as there is chiffon draping on the back of the black dress as well :) wooop.

SO yeah, any suggestions are welcome guyyys :) OH and if you have any interesting ideas for my catwalk that's cool... I think the way my models just stand at the back and walk left/right and be so stereotypical is boring...I'm not sure about Gayle's idea of looking 'cheeky' I was more aiming for quite a royal look, keeping fairly rigid, but not too rigid, nothing that stops the garments moving, but something that means they move by themselves...but I just want the directions they walk and the places they stand to be more original.

Peace outt,
Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnny :)



Coolest socks ever. Made by the Japanese brand 'Toga'. I want them!

Also, by the by, I WISH i had not agreed to do a video diary. I really really wish.


Monday, 30 May 2011

What better to do on a rainy Bank Holiday Monday...

... then make some eye masks!!!

Hope you like! The pattern on the red eye mask was originally going to be for one of my neck pillows. However, in the end, I decided to swap things around and this is what I came up with!!

I have also been busy making my 3 washbags but they have been a little annoying to make to be honest, because the base keeps on bunching up. But I think I have got around the problem :)
These washbags aren't finished yet, which if why there are no finished photos of them!! But they are SO nearly there.
The photo below shows one of them in the making process. To line the bags, I am using a white shower curtain (Gayle's cunning idea) so that they are waterproof! (It's cheaper than buying bog-standard fabric as well! :P)

All I need to do now to finished them all off is to add the eyelets ... may need some help with this, as I have never done it before!!

So, all thats left after this are to label some shampoo bottles and maybe some other bits and bobs, but the end is in site!

As for the book work and essay................

Becca xxx

...and that's the lady gaga.

Someone choose.

G Again...

11 Done 4 to go!! A very productive weekend and I have worked 23 hour soon to be 27! 
Anyway see you all tomorrow I'm now off to see if anywhere is open to buy some frames....

See Gayle you didn't ruin my print with the splodge of green ink :p easily hidden.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Watch this space.

Hiya. So, i've been gathering bits and peces for my space, can't wait to get started! Have some gorgeous little hooks to hang my dresses on (cause there was no way I was getting hold of 7 mannequins) and to make it look better i've customised my hangers ...

excuse the tip-of-a-bedroom background

... I have made my space interactive by having this little beaut on display for people to contribute secrets, confessions or general comments ...

... and I picked up a cute little table the other day to put it on ...

... which is soo perfect too cause I can put sketchbooks and shizz on the shelves below and some cheeky bribes chocolates in the drawer  :)

Photoshoot edits!!!

Here are 4 of my edited images from my photoshoot....might do a little bit more editing to them but hope you like them.............


won't let me upload the video link thing, however this was the pitbull suggestion :)


For the skirt song, a bunch of people liked 'Fashion' by Lady Gaga, and also I think something was suggested by Pitbull? I'm not really fussed as long as it's walkable and fairly relevant.

Started the essay today; it's so hard to know how formal to make it, there isn't really a protocol for a textiles/fashion essay. I know where I stand with Shakespeare, but detailing issues with PVC isn't quite the same...

Hope every one's having a nice weekend :-)

cushions cushions cushions

FINALLY got my sewing machine to work after realizing that the needle hadn't been changed in over 2 years... explained a lot.. I have produced in between working at the pub 8 out of the 15 cushions I need to make.. not bad going seeing as I have made 6 today in around 4 and a half hours! Anyway here is the result before I head back to work for another 7 hour shift woop woop!

ALSO GIRLS WE NEED TO PICK A SONG!! for the skirt stuff.


My Favorite Cushions...

Just put a cushion on a chair a big no no!

the aftermath of today....

And now to make some food...

Not amazing pictures but you get the idea that I have been doing lots of sewing and making.. feeling good about them all. I will be doing a photo shoot with the chairs and cushions later this week and will be finishing off the rest of the cushions tomorrow before work again wish me luck!

Friday, 27 May 2011

They multiplied..

 Naww I think they are well cute! Really pleased with how they have turned out :)

 Some dyestuff that actually I did a couple of days ago but i really liked the picture

.. Then I just couldn't wait to sew these bits together, the shape is really good but a shame some of my embroidery was lost :( oh and plus returned the troublesome sewing machine today so I won't be complaining any more!


Its jesss, i wasnt ignoring you ive only just checked the blog. i made the pattern myself but by the looks of things you already have it all sortedddd! X

can't stop blogging

okay so it would look like this using the skirt. I actually really like it, it looks a lot better. And I almost look TALL! Just a case of whether I'm allowed to use an adapted skirt as I didn't really make it, just tweaked.

As the day develops...

BECCA, I [insert swear word] LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also your neighbour :P

That house is perfect, couldn't ask for better and I would love love love to come and do my photo shoot there. Is Thursday 2nd June okay? Or maybe this bank holiday Monday? Let me know and say I am soooo thankful to him. Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3

Also, I went away, thought a bit and i have two more alternatives for the new bottoms.


Wet look leggings with fringing pinned on. Oh my god, wet look leggings. This is me, a picture of me, in WET. LOOK. LEGGINGS. Dear lord. They don't look tooooo bad, but I think they look a bit cheap worn with PVC? I feel like sandy at the end of Greece, except I'm not a size 4.


This is an existing skirt my mum got for a Halloween costume. It was sort of corsetted up the front side (so classy) but I would seam that shut so it would be just a simple pencil skirt. My worry with this is that it might be cheating as I'm literally making a teeny adjustment, not constructing it. If Gayle reads this, please tell me which/if I'm allowed etc.

Thanks everyone whose given me feedback!


P.S Becca, you may have seen this already, but have you looked at 'Paper Plane' designs? There's a really cute wash bag that looks like a airmail parcel.


I have NO idea if this is what you want but hopefully it will ease your panic a little!

The wallpaper throughout the house...

Isn't this like the deatiling you have on the back of your jumpsuit???

More of the wallpaper...

The outside...

As I said, I don't know if this is what you are looking for but let me know. I talked to him today and he says he is happy with you doing it there ... but he is going on holiday on 3rd June (friday in half term) and he can't do the tues in half term ... but neither can we coz of the fashion show rehearsals....

Becca xxx