Sunday, 31 October 2010


I've made a pair of earring useing shrinkie paper, which I think I almost burnt in the oven. :S I bought earring pendents from Elphicks, and tied them up in ribbon :) These are one of my 5 free gifts I'm going to put in my goody bag for my opening night. Abi x

Too many ideas, too little time...

Okkay. So I've realised that realistically achieving all the items I wish to make, finishing my sketchbook so there is no gaps and everything is complete....AND doing a Catalogue mock up...simply isn't achievable.

I'm basically there with everything, few touch ups on the sketchbook here and there, sort out a few bits on certain items...and those will be complete...
I will then finish sorting out my Powerpoint, and will be ready for tomorrow - which will go fine...atleast that's what i'm telling myself, it's only 5 minutes of my life after all. If I muck it up - atleast I gave it a go :)

ANYWAY.... once all that is done, there is no way I can attempt to cram in doing a catalogue mock up, my busy schedual [working on the sketchbook and other items, visiting universities etc.] teamed with bad weather when i've been free, and even worse weather today, means I can't do any location shoots... therefore, although the idea was good, I shall have to leave it. Perhaps mock up a few pages and put them in my sketchbook to show where I was going with some ideas etc. but if I attempt any more work, I won't sleep tonight..and I need my sleep! [recovered insomniac who can easily slip back into sleepless routines, right here!]

Aside from all that, have had my Personal Statement emailed back - it's SO close to being ready :D, so that's a load off my mind! Also, I visited Glamorgan University yesterday, all the way over in Cardiff...
I fell in lovee.
Glamorgan is officially top of my list, it even knocked Nottingham on Trent into second place - now THAT is an achievement!! I loved the place so much, I thought with a Welsh accent for the rest of the day... but I'm a little strange like that.
Anyway, the place is lovely, the rooms are full of windows an well lit, the facilities are great, the presentation was professional, and the tutors are full of enthusiasm...i'm excited to go to university, would love to be able to get a place there, and know what I need to do in order to stand out from the crowd, the course sounds PERFECT. Hard work, but nothing that the college course isn't preparing me for!

Jenny :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Well I have nothing to show you on here as the majority of my work I've done this week is 3D but I have done some more bookwork looking into shops exteriors and interiors I like, and a couple of shops which I would love to change a bit to suit my shop. I also created a questionairre to ask a few people which could fall into my Yummy Mummy target market. I've created so far for my gift bag, a postcard and Ive nearly finished making my gift bag out of material I ordered earlier on in the week. Ive planned my other peices and had to change printing onto a mug as I couldnt order the paper and by the time I can (tomorrow is Pay Day) it wont get here in time for the deadline. Still have a load of work to do, panicing a bit but hopefully I will get there, going to set myself all of tomorrow to do it instead of doing housework haha

I went to Winchester School of Art yesterday though for the Open Day. I liked the Uni and the facilities there but really didnt like the course! Have booked Open Days at Southampton Solent Uni and Portsmouth Uni for next month so I hope they appeal to me more. Still thinking about a gap year and I think at the moment it will be the best thing for me, to mature a little bit more and toughen up haha I'm really looking forward to visiting both of these other Unis as their courses really interested me.

Lucinda :)

Just My Luck...

I'd written a nice long post, and pressed 'back' for it to be wiped from history...great!

Firstly, even though I know I have the correct details, Prezi WILL NOT LET ME LOGIN. Very, very frustrating... it is so much more professional then the old fashioned Powerpoint I will now have to work with...grrrr.

Anyway, was up at 7am today for a 9am art supply trip to Basingstoke :D
I bought fabric and cord to make the drawstring gift bag, beads/sequins to embroider items with, a tie (polyester not silk, but a tie nonetheless!), handkerchiefs (to embroider along with the tie), small foldable boxes (pack of 10, only need a few, the rest look real cute stacked up in my room filled with jewellery :P), ribbon, tracing paper and card for my tags, and a sketchbook for a mock up catalogue.

Has anyone seen Devil Wears Prada? They have the large book copy of the magazine before it goes to print, where everything is layed out and stuck in, covered in notes etc?  Well my magazine mock-up will be similar, only without notes and will look slightly more professional - and is to give an idea of what would be printed in the catalogue that would be sent out in the gift bags. I just couldn't get an actual professional one done as... you have to buy in bulk. And I really DON'T need 1,000 copies thank you VERY much! Ha :)

Everything is coming together :) and it's quite exciting...I'm nervous about our Dragons Den style presentation, but am ready with my smart black dress, heels and tights, and will do my best to hold myself together for those 5minutes! Can't be too hard, right?

Jenny :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kingston University

I haven't any arty things to post at the moment - that doesn't mean I haven't done any, I simply haven't scanned it in or photographed it, so I thought I would write about my visit to Kingston University, and post the more arty update later this week - meaning i'll blog twice, surely that's a good thing? ;)

Anyway, was up bright and early on October the 23rd (last Saturday) to catch the 8.15am train to Serbiton  (sp?) with my Mum and Dad. The journey took about an hour and I almost fell asleep! I'm not very good with mornings...
After some poor map reading we eventually found our way to Kingston University - about 20 minutes from the train station.
Unfotunately I wasn't immediately impressed...inside it was crowded and seemed dis-organised, and our first talk of the day, at 10pm, was on Student Life. The seating was rickety, the room was - in my words - 'scabby', and the presentation was amateaur. There was an interactive quality to it, with the audience having clicker pads allowing us to vote A,B or C to some questions they asked - but it made it seem like a talk show, especially as the whole thing was presented by a male in his 40s who sat in the stair isle, asking people at the front to do certain things! One woman would explain different pricings and the halls etc. while 3 students who were currently at the University would give advice.
There wasn't a single mention of Freshers and the talk was very bland.

Afterwards we headed for the Fashion talk, which I was sort of looking forward to, but after the first impression I doubted it would be any good...
I'll give the Uni some credit, the course sounded...ok. But the presenatation was worse then the one before, sat as though we were in class, the woman who overruns the whole Fashion Design course stood at the front droning on. The slideshow she flicked through would have been more interesting had she not skimmed it so quickly - making it impossible to see the work examples. A student who blogs her work showed her blog at the end, and it could have been interesting, except all I heard was 'I draw' pretty much over and over again...
Question time at the end wasn't informative at all - the woman never answered a single question properly.

Anyway, by the time it came to the tour I had made up my mind, now I know you really should look around to get a better feel of the course, and it should be the resources the University provides that I make my decision on, but having already been bored by the presentation and finding the course not overly attractive, I knew it was not a place I wanted to be, I wouldn't be happy there, and didn't like the surrounding area or the parts of the University I had seen.

We didn't attend the tour, and headed straight home. My Mum agreed with what I thought about the place, although Dad tried to find something good from it [bless him].

Anyway, Kingston just wasn't for me.

Next Saturday; Glamorgan in Wales!

Jenny :)


Just some of the stuff ive been up to for art over half term...the picture below is the design ive put onto fabric which im going to turn into a top. Photos of it being modelled are coming soon, just hoping for some nicer weather than today :)

Little cheeky update...

Here's a little update as to how Im doing with the art over halfterm...
So far I've create a multitude of creatively designed rings, and a few masks have been created which I am hoping to photograph and shoot tomrrow :)
And I've just ordered to jewellery boxes and bags for my products from a little website called
Which had some really good designs.. now all I need to do is sort out my magnets and put together some last little details! :) finally!x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Just a quickie ...

Hanna here, just a quick note about the goody bags I have created for the presentation viewees. I made 5 (a guestimation, I hope there aren't more than that) tote bags, from scratch no less, oh yes, from some cotton I had left over from a previous project and fabric transfer'd my logo and brand design onto them. Inside the bags I have put;
  • A handout pack - Welcome sheet, business cards, sticker, boutique voucher and invitation to the launch party.
  • Badge - made from resin, real wasps and glitter  :p
  • Branded water bottle
  • Branded pen
  • Wire wasp Necklace/Keyring (as you have seen in previous blog)
  • A sample product - a unique vintage scarf, boutique label attached
  • And of course, a bag of complimentary sweets  :)
And now to create the powerpoint ...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Well I'm suppose to blog today but I haven't done much work this week due to me not being too healthy haha But last week I dragged my boyfriend along to the Tate Britain. I found it interesting and I loved all the work there espically the work from Sir John Everett Millais, Joseph Mallord William Turner and Sir Edwin Henry Landseer as their peices where just so amazing and on such a big scale. I was surprised I liked this work but here are the pieces I liked below.

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Fishermen at Sea

Joseph Mallord William Turner - The Shipwreck

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer - Deer and Deer Hounds in a Mountain Torrent 

Time to screen print....

Okayyy so I was meant to blog yesterday..... Oopsiee sorry Gayle!! Butttt today I did a screen print so I thought I would add this to the blog today instead! :)
Anywayyy, I've been playing around with some designs for my products in my sketch book, looking at different fonts, what I thought would work, and then thinking up some small slogans which could then go onto my products such as a baby bib or a mug. For example one of them was "I'm the reason girls go crazy!" and then another one was simply saying "I love you Daddy".
After figuring out what I was going to say, I experimented with different colours that I would use in the background and played around with my logo.

These are two of the of the different designs I came up with. I played around with pastel colours, as they are quite typical for baby wear and I decided to go with the stripey pink one  for the baby's bib for screen printing as I thought it looked quite cute.

The screen printing itself took FOREVER as I had to keep re arranging the masking tape I was using to create the stipes in the background, which was soooo irritating but after that things seem to go okay. When I was doing the screen print for the stripes, me and Brooke (hope that's how it's spelt, sorry if it isn't!!) thought the screen looked pretty cool so I decided to take a photo and then print that onto a piece of paper.... 

 .....which came out like this. Although you can't really see, the stripes did come out quite well. Then after doing the second lot of pink, I printed the sreen ontop of this print......

 ...... and this was the end result. I didn't line it up that well as it went a bit wonky but still, I really like it!

After that I finished printing my design, but unfortunately the words didn't come out very well as I had to keep printing it. Word of warning, flannel like material is a complete pain to screen print on! But yeah, this is what it eventually turned out like and I am pretty pleased with it considering this is the first time I have ever done screen printing!

Hope you like it, Hannah O x


Hi its Gail!
Naughtily this is my first blog, but it won’t be the last and I will get better at doing them J
For this current project I started to look at lighting to create the correct atmosphere. I wanted to produce something warming and moody with possible a Moulin Rouge kind of feel, so I decided to re-decorate an old lamp that I had. My sister bought me a small bedside lamp cheaply at a car boot sale; it was a disgusting lilac colour that did not go with anything… It wouldn’t of even suited being in a lilac room!! So the first thing I did was to paint the base a simple matt white with everyday house emulsion, which did unfortunately take quite a few coats but when finished looked lovely.

The lamp did not come with a shade (and even if it did would most likely be disgusting as well!) so I went to a wonderful bargain finding place… yep the dump! And managed to find a not so wonderful lampshade for 50p, which I ripped the cover off that left me with a nicely shaped frame, that I could wrap a piece of ribbon around.

I bought 10metres of black opaque ribbon, sewed one end onto the frame and started wrapping it around overlapping it slightly. Sadly when I reached only 2/3 of the way round I ran out of my ribbon L having to go back and buy an extra metre… thinking that would be enough I sewed the extra piece on and wrapped… it was not long enough!!! Needless to say the fabric shop own is now a good friend of mine after my many trips, and not wanting to be outwitted again by this frustratingly mischievous lampshade I decided to buy 2 more metres! Success!

So my tip for anyone wishing to make a ribbon styled lamp… when you buy the ribbon buy more than you think you need! Then when you have got the length you think you need… double it! And that will then probably be the correct amount!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My company is called hold the wing, based on dancers capturing the audience. I cut and painted this jumper and the photo is coutesy of my sister!


First couple of products :)

My goodie box!

My swing tag!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The laser cutter

I made 2 necklaces and a keyring today using the laser cutter, these are examples of what im going to sell in my made up shop, and once this project is over im going to wear them afterwards :) Abi D x


After doing the test resin i used a different mould and turned them into a pair of earrings and a ring. Im going to do a photoshoot in the studio tomorrow hopefully :)


sat at home dieing from another bug thing, I took a few photos of my resin I did the other day. I think that the middle one worked the best but I also tryed different amounts of resin for different hights. 

Sarah G

Monday, 18 October 2010

Update on what im doing at the moment!

Hello its Nicole! :).
For this project i am focusing on more of the popular high street shops.
The shops i have researched have been Topshop and mainly Jack Wills.
Once i have decided on the name of my boutique and text etc i started to created things on photoshop that could prehaps go on objects made for my "shop" such as a mug or a pillow.
Here is one of the designs i created on photshop.
Hope you like it !

Helloooooo :)

Heyyy I'm Amy...and I've finally remembered to blog much to Gayles delight!
For my project I've created a vintage boutique which includes lots of one-off vintage styled pieces. Its called 'The Attic'. So far I've spent my day running late for college, and coming up with a logo that I can use for my shop. This is what I've come up with...

Its fairly simple, but it incorporates the wasp from out last project. Im hoping it will look good and be quite catchy, such as the Abercrombie moose and the JackWills pheasant. I would like to order some labels to put on my work with this logo on it.'s the end of my first blog :) Hope you've enjoyed it!

Heeeeey It's Loraa:)

Over the weekend i went to the new hobbby craft in basingstokke it's reallly good:)
I got some fabric paints a plain white makeup bag and i ailk template of a cushion and made these...
I did an iron on transfer to get the template of a flower.

After i painted the flower i went round it in a gold outliner pen. 

And then i painted a background and put beads on the back.
I got a silk pillow case that you decorate and sew up yourself, i sewed on some pink lace.
I then put my stencils where i wanted them and used my fabric paints.
After my pillow had dried i sewed some sequins and beads on to the lace and images.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

University Open Day

Yesterday I travelled with my parents the long trip up to Nottingham and back to check out Nottingham Trent University,
We listened to their talk about Student Life, the Fashion Design course and Accomodation...
And I think i'm in love :D
That place is HUGE and truly amazing! The equipment, the space, the life's inspiring, and where I want to be!
Gives me a huge kick up the bum to do even more work, and to get my awful, awful Personal Statement sorted [maybe writing it before midnight will help me get it right...]

I still have Kingston University to visit next week, and Glamorgan the week after; those both should be great to look at, though they have tough competition!

Jenny :)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lion Man

Okay so basically we came in to help out for Open Day, and the lion man theme tune just has to sum up my evening, Nancy what a babe!!

Over and out from Hannah Odam :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Any ideas?

I have no pictures on my computer from this project to put up on here but I can give a brief description of my project! I have decided to re-brand a charity shop & create one that appeals to a wider target market. I need to create a photoshot to add to my stetch-book but have had a complete blank. Any ideas? Emily :)
Hey its Lucinda again and I'm supposed to blog tomorrow on the blog rota but I thought I might aswell blog now! I developed my black and white logo with different colours on Photoshop to see what colours suit it best. I also put images of some of Cath Kidston's prints to see what this looked like.

I quite like the black and yellow logo here, as the other two don't stand out as much.

I like the Cath Kidston print one here as it shows of a vintage and country quality I would like to put in my work. I also like the aqua and yellow design as this is quite eyecatching.

So for our new branding project, I decided that I wanted to create a new babywear brand, named Waspies. After researching into already existing shops such as Mopthercare and Pumpkin patch I found more and more imagaery of baby clothes which were based around the Winnie the Pooh illustrations by Ernest Shepard. These are something I really love and they then gave me inspiration for the Waspies logo. It is a little sketch of a wasp, which shows the very basic form, and I'm quite pleased with it as it's quite simple, perfect for the logo of a babywear range. I then played around with the logo in photography making a series of photograms. I enlarged the logo so that a better single image would be created. After that I moved the paper slightly each time so that I could create a different effect,giving the logo a sort of ghost image behind it, which in my opinion worked really well.

Inside Magazine

This is a print screen of my inside of the magazine.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Just opened the message from Gayle about the blog rota, and turns out Tuesday is my day to post!
I've really nothing to post at the moment; my book is full of research and ideas, and I would scan it in if my printer hadn't broken!
So I will try and use the college facilities to do a better update :)

When I post again next, I shall also scan in an image I am painting for the college, which the principal will be taking to China; see the class photo we have on our blog? That's what I'm painting :D
It's coming along okk :))

Not much else to write at the moment, and no images to post! I have plenty of ideas and hope to post their progress soon!

I will reveal however that I have settled on the brand name Vespa, which is Italian for wasp. Someone else in the group I discovered is using it too, which is perfect motivation to work harder and make my brand stand out more as the name is no longer original!

I am contemplating changing it though; will update if I do!

Jenny :)

first photoshoot

This is my photoshoot for my company "STING", my aim was to create photos that gave my company an identity and were simple. I didnt want anythingserious and I wanted some fun exciting photos. Gayles new toy "Poladroid"has worked quite well  with my photographs and they could workwith text well. Overall im really pleased with my photographs but there is still some ways in which they could be developed.