Sunday, 3 October 2010

I went for a walk one day ...

Hanna here. Ok, so I got creative over the weekend and created a 3D wasp from twigs. It was perfect because some of the twigs were bendy due to it having rained for the past few days, good ol' England. The initial idea was an Andy Goldsworthy style piece as I love his work. Also, what better to make a wasp than what they use to build their nests?!
The wings would have been impossible to create from the twigs I had so I made these papier mache style from bent wire and tissue paper from a dress pattern.
It took much hard labour, many music playlists, a few whacks in the face with twigs and many melted glue gun sticks, but i'm satisfied.
I then went back into the woods and took photos of the finished wasp in it's 'natural habitat'. I stuck it in a tree or in a bush and made it look at home. I thought it would be nice to display these in an interesting way, so I put them through the Poladroid. Came out pretty cool  :)

UNFORTUNATELY this thing wont let me add piccys at the moment but I will add them ASAP.

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