Saturday, 23 October 2010

Just a quickie ...

Hanna here, just a quick note about the goody bags I have created for the presentation viewees. I made 5 (a guestimation, I hope there aren't more than that) tote bags, from scratch no less, oh yes, from some cotton I had left over from a previous project and fabric transfer'd my logo and brand design onto them. Inside the bags I have put;
  • A handout pack - Welcome sheet, business cards, sticker, boutique voucher and invitation to the launch party.
  • Badge - made from resin, real wasps and glitter  :p
  • Branded water bottle
  • Branded pen
  • Wire wasp Necklace/Keyring (as you have seen in previous blog)
  • A sample product - a unique vintage scarf, boutique label attached
  • And of course, a bag of complimentary sweets  :)
And now to create the powerpoint ...

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