Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mask of Hannya

Today I've been going through some of the books I got out of the LRC on masks from different cultures. One that is really standing out to me at the moment is the Mask of Hannya, which is a character of the Noh theatre production in Japan. It is meant to represent a once beautiful woman whose unrequited love for a priest causes her to turn into a demon overwhelmed by jealousy and anger.
The British Museum has a lot of masks from different cultures and on their website it says that this mask is there so I think in the Easter half term I might go and visit there as well as the V&A museum so I can get pictures etc to help me with my research on my FMP (:
Hannah x
Umm haven't got much to say today, but i have started my big scary A3 book!!! Have put in my PowerPoint presentation and done a few pages of research on the Barbican exhibition i went to and now I'm going to do a few responses to them. So yh nothing very exciting to say at the moment =)
Hope you've all had a good day off college!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

This is what my finished room looked like, Sorry its bit late. I am pleased with the overall outcome and my fav photos are the close ups of the sticks of rock because the colours came out well on Photoshop. I also think that the photo in the dark is effective because the lamp and projection are more visible.


Miriam x

Sorry i know its a bit late, but here is what my space looked like! Love Lottie x

This is what you are missing......

I know that this is your blog - but this is what you are missing if you didn't grab a letter from me today - the trip is on Thursday - you have to have paid and done your letters etc by noon tomorrow - I think it looks like it might be quite good..... G x

Fruit shoes

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm blogging, blogs, blogger...... What to blog???

After today I am cognitively DRAINED so I will be lazy and go on and then do this:



The Dump

Quite pleased with myself with buying 4 chairs and a wallpaper pasting table at the dump today! I got it all for £11, which is not to bad I think!


guess who

Monday, 28 March 2011

Are we dedicated students or what?!

Hey its Becca :)
Now, just wanted to point out how dedicated (or unorganised ... whichever way you want to put it!) us students can be!

If you notice the time on the clock ... yes it was 7.15pm and yes, we still were at college working! However it gets worse ... the only reason we left at 9pm ... yes 9pm! is that some scary man gave us a lecture and we got chucked out! That is all.
From Becca (Miriam and Ellie) xxx

Ps. ...


Keep smiling and persevere :)

I can explain, I swear ... haha. So the sceen printing, my final task, didn't exactly go to plan. The screen hadn't exposed properly  :(  so still waiting on that for the seat cover but here is everything else i've made!! My lamp ...

... cushions ...

... (these are my favourite 2) ...

... and a few accessories to go on the table ...

... Hanna  :]

My Final Space

Heyy its Amy just thought Id show you what my final space looked like in the end. I am pleased with the overall look even though I don't like the indivual pieces on their own. Hope you like them x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

They're FINISHED!!

Okayy, so I have been INSANELY busy this past week, it's literally crazy BUT... my two chairs are finally...complete :D 
I have been working solidly on them from home, as that is where I found it easiest to work quickly and efficiently, and well I thought I should blog about it as no one has actually seen what I've been doing.. haha.

So here we go... how I made my chairs....

Here is my outdoor workspace, to the left are my five fabric dye colours - pink, red, orange, blue and green. I had a small spoon which I used to place the dye in certain areas, and a little chart telling me which colours can't go next to other ones [annoyingly, green could ONLY go next to blue, or it would turn into a horrible shade of brown if mixed with any of the other colours...aha]

So, after I'd done a tester piece, here is one of the back headboards, as you can see the colours look pretty wicked!! I had to leave the fabric soaking in the dye for an hour, before washing in cold water, then in warm water, and then leaving to dry.

As you can see, when dry the fabric dye is slightly paler. And after a nice iron, they were ready for the felt shapes, inspired by the arcade candy, sticks of rock, and ice creams in Brighton :D

Each shape had to be sewn on, I used the five different colours in thread [red, orange, blue, green, and pink] set the machine to a zigzag stitch, and sewed each shape on, colour by colour. I painstakingly went through each shape doing a section in a colour, before then changing the thread and repeating the process. I must admit I was quite bored by the 5th colour...

But the result looks FABULOUS, and worth the effort :D

I then set about upholstering the seats, staple guns sure are a nightmare!! I swear for every 1 staple that worked, about 10 didn't!!

Then backed each board with white for a clean finish.

AND...TA-DA!! the finished chairs with the bases and backs nailed back on!!
I must admit..I'm quite proud of myself :')

Those photos of the actual chairs aren't great quality... but yeah :)

Hope you like them :D :D

Jennnnnnnnnnnnnny :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just a random collage....

I think I could do something better with the blackboard bit but I don't know what to write/draw there other then Brighton!

Plus I think this is the best invention EVER...


Friday, 25 March 2011

So, it happens to be my birthday next week...

... and whoever is feeling generous, you fancy buying me this dress? :P its not THAT pricey!

I love it! (as I may have mentioned to a fair few of you) ... but I could totally settle for this one:

GORGEOUS! You've gotta love Holly Fulton :) these dresses are from her S/S 2011 collection but with all of them, I would personally and quite happily part money with :D

So, changing the subject slightly, I have now finished all of my final pieces: my chair, canvas and lighting.
The last time I blogged about my work, the chair was definitely a working progress.
On monday, I sanded the bloddy thing down! But I guess I can't complain, the weather was really lovely: topping up on the tan! I also painted it white, sanding it down again to create a destressed look. However, when I had done this, it looked rather bland so I added some blues and browns into the mix, taken from an image of a destressed boat that I took.
I also decided to screen print the seat of my chair, and after deliberating, chose to have my little doodle of the burnt pier half way across it.
Here is the finished result:

The photos still need a lot of work in Photoshop but you get the idea.
At first, I did struggle slightly with what coloured fabric/ink to use on the seat. I originally thought I was going to use white fabric, linking in with the white from the frame, and a black ink. However, once I did a quick sample, it was too harsh looking and prestine compared to the destressed frame. This was when I found this creamy fabric and mixed up a light grey ink, and think this colour palette works so much better than my previous idea.

Now, where is the lamp shade you must be thinking?!
Well I have made one:
However, as you may have noticed, it doesn't match up at all with my other two pieces. This lighting was inspired by the sign in my canvas, but the destressing and colours just don't match up. So, the plan is to super impose a lamp stand and a single bulb into my space photos...
But these will hopefully be posted on monday (after I've done them!)

So quite a transformation from the original chair eh??

So to finish off, everyone was attempting to take their various chairs and other pieces of furniture home for the weekend, and being a helpful Becca that I am, Issie, Rob and I did help the lovely Ish get her furniture to her car..

... and then Rob and I just stood and watched (helpful eh?) 'How many pieces of furniture can you fit into a Ford KA?' :D

Until monday
Becca xxx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

My resiiiiiin:)

Hey guys it loraa i've done one of my resin molds for my chair it worked quite well but now i have to make the other one.
These are also some more spray graffiti stencils that i have done that i'm going to put onto my fabric.

Its nicole !

Sorry ! that other post about victorian pier was me i didnt write my name OOPS.
I have another photo i have found of Brighton in the Victorian era !
Sooo... i havent blogged in a while :S.....
so i guess its time! :)
Because im doing victorian Brighton i thought i should show you an image im going to use,
it will probably go in a photo frame and be hung on the wall because i think its quite an
AWESOME picture :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Hey it's Lucinda, heres my piece of lighting, it looks pretty rubbish here but I'm hoping once I put it with my pieces in my space it will look a lot nicer!