Friday, 29 April 2011


It's not brillaint but you can have it for free Becca! Its 18inches by 11inches and the depth is 5 inches :) xxx

PS. Gayle I have sent you by email the coffee table image :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011


WHAT a day. Not a very good one in all honesty, but as I'm already 2 days late blogging, I'll give you an update anyway. I have made my toiles, but the trouser aspect of the jumpsuit is notttttt going well seeing as I originally made them to fit myself over Easter, but my model is obviously different and the alterations are not working out. Poor lovely Brooke tried so hard to help, but alack they currently look like MC Hammer pants. Today I was meant to do all my screen prints, but lets just summarise and say that didn't happen. However, I did stay late with Gayle (who is WONDERFUL by the way) so at least we've made a start now.

These are two of my fabrics ^^^ just so you get an idea of the colours I'm combining, and I'm going to use chains and such to make belts with tassels like on the fancy curtains I've got pictures of.

This ^^^ is a Photoshop idea of what my screen print (it's a ceiling rose, which are the posh things that lights hang from) should look like for the jumpsuit. Photoshop has actually really helped me figure out colours and pattern placement without having to waste loads of fabrics; definitely worth a try if you're stuck.

Happy Kate-Middleton-is-marrying-Prince-William-day for tomorrow!!


2 Weeks old!

This one didn't want to have it's photo taken! We call this one and the next one the twins as they look so alike compared to the other two.

This is the shiny black one!

And this is Tabi/Dolly she is more playful then the rest and decided to run after my camera!

After I blinded them with the flash!
Gayle I hope Ivan liked the picture I left on his desk! haha

Lucinda x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

For Nicole :)

You have probably already researched Kurt Geiger but I was reading in a magazine today that these shoes (pictured first below) you can remove the flower part. It just reminded me of what you have done :) Also some of the other shoes look like there is attachable/deattactable bits too :)

I've also added a few blogs to the blogs which we follow :) I really like this guys photos:

I don't know if this ist helpful or not but there is an image on this website with thumb prints on it if Tedi is interested and it shows you how to make them on a computer I think:

Lucinda :) x

It's Lucinda :)

Thank you so much Becca you are such a star! x

Well today I have been researching more! Using Miriams books she borrowed from the library I found a few designers I liked.

Heres a designer called Davina Nathan  You can't really see her patterns she has created but in the book there is a few images of her work. If you carrying on pressing next theres a childrens page with a pattern with african animals on if Ellie is interested :)

I also have researched a designer called Maija Louekari. I decided to research this designer as in one of my images from London I took a picture of  a tree in St James' Park. Below is my image as some of the images she has created.

Also these two mugs just remind me of the buildings in London.

I have also looked at Timorous Beasties as I found out he did a London Toile.

Becca also gave me some postcards today from David and Goliath, so I looked these up and found some T-Shirts with a Royal Wedding theme.

Lucinda x

Toile #1

Here is my first toile, which i hope to have made out of my final materials by the beginning of next week (fingers crossed) it will be all black and the hexagons will be out of black 'leather' with red material on the opposite side to give a splash of colour when my lovely model wears it down the catwalk! hope you like it!
Courtney xxx

I couldn't resist, what with the royal wedding and all!

Ok, if I knew I had to go to work on friday ... I WISH I had this T-shirt to wear:

Gotta love 'David and Goliath'! :D

With this in mind ... my dad showed me this video, and it is still making my chuckle now! Take a look:
It will make you day!! (As it did mine :D)
Becca xxx

More for Lucinda :D ...

I swear I keep on find stuff for your project my dear!! Don't know exactly what you want but these are lovely all the same :)

This cushion has a London theme, what with the black taxi cab. The designer is Zoe Beck, and found this stuff on this website:

Ok, so this last one isn't really London themed. But is AMAZING right?? Really good example of layering...

Found this cushion as well by Ashley Allen:
Always make think of travelling up to London...

Then the obvious ... but am sure you have already looked at these ...

If this stuff is useful, would definitely recommend that you visit 
Loads of lovely stuff on it :)

Hope this is helpful! This London and Royal wedding stuff is ALL over the place at the moment! Have no idea why :P
Becca xxx


She does some really wicked Illustrations :)

Jennnnnnnnnnnny :)

Hello hello hello!!

Okkkay, so we're back to college now, for 3 days, and well, Easter break was so good!!

After visiting Windsor Castle, I also casually popped over to both Brighton and London, why you ask? Well, for the Brighton Pavilion and London Opera House of course!! They both, just like Windsor Castle, don't allow photographs taken *sigh* so I don't really have any to show, but I did manage some sketches in the Pavilion - but not in the Opera House, we went for the Velvet, Guilt and Glamour Tour [which is very interesting by the way!] and therefore we didn't stop anywhere long enough for me to sketch. Oh well, the experience was worth it and I am going to write about it in my sketchbook anyway, so that is something!! :)

One part of the tour I remember was being shown one of the boxes - you know those special areas on the side of the theatre for Royals, and Celebrities [or just plain old wealthy people] etc. we got shown this secret dining room behind it, so basically, when the interval is on, they can sneak out there for a meal and no one would know! They also enter through a seperate entrance so no one can see them arrive. It was annoying because they had the table set up for about 6 people, and the few people needed to set up knew who the table was for, but they couldn't say D: .. apparently they never, ever tell anyone else, it's that secretive!! But according to the tour guides, it must of been one immportant meal with the way it was set up and the fact it was for so many - how intriguing!! Also there was a secret toilet, the door was the same as the wall, so you didin't notice it was there, but the tour guide said how whenever Victoria Beckham is there, she hides crisps in the bathroom, and pops out to nibble on them every now and then!! How amusing :P

So anyway, all the places I visited were amazing, and beautifully decorated, they gave me some great inspiration!! We also made sure to look up fabric stores when we were visiting each place, and could go have a look around, which was great, I found a lovely Rouge Velvet Velore, which will be PERFECT for the mens harem pants I shall be making :D woohoo!!

So anyway I've started on one of the garments, have Toiles planned, and patterns found that I can use, everything is on the go, I'm excited and motivated, and definately not bored yet!! Which is fantastic :))

So to end two busy weeks, of lots of work and seeing some old friends, I partied hard, and turned 18 last Saturday ;) woohoo! I can now join everyone else down the pub and out clubbing, about time!! I made my dress for the occaision so thought I'd show some pictures :) it's one of the best things I've made so far, so I'm pretty proud, and it gives me hope with making my garments for the FMP :)

By the way, the party was candy themed, so I went for pink, with some killer white shoes, and then decided to casually clash them with green dyed hair, as you do. But hey-ho I'm in loooove with my new hair, and it looked great :D ... already thinking of what colour to go next ;)

So here's the dress....[please excuse my face...I was half smiling or something I don't know lol]

Yep, I was glamorous with my bra showing... but let's forget that. I had forgotten to sort it out so I just, left it as it was lol.

Also thank you to people who are sending me tassle stuff, it's great!!

Look at these fantastic shoes Hannah Gilbert found:

They're are all tassley and beautiful :) they did come in rouge, but are now out of stock :(

Also, for future reference, here's the image [because soon they'll all be bought, and then that page won't exist and the link won't work and...*sigh* you won't know what I'm on about] ...

So yeah, now back to the grind. Work to do, college to attend, a Collection to create! ;D

Jennnnnnnnnnnnnny :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nadeesha Godamunne

Simone (I am so sorry if that's not your name! haha) has just showed me a fashion illustrator who she went to Uni with in New Zealand. Her work is unbelievably amazing in my opinion!

And this is her! :) How unfair, shes so beautiful and brilliant at fashion illustration!
This is her website

 Lucinda x