Friday, 17 June 2011


I don't often venture onto your blog, but I felt in this instance I really should..... I just wanted to let you know just how very proud I am of you, last night was a very special experience and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. The examiner was genuinely blown away and has already published her report which was positively glowing. Each and everyone of you is amazing and it has been the biggest pleasure to teach you all - even those who I might have locked horns with over the last year - you know who you are! I look forward to seeing you all sparkle in the future, just like you did last night. I am keeping an eye on the weather forecast as I would like to host an afternoon of tea and cakes, but as our house is so small, we need good weather so that it can be a garden party - you would never all fit inside!! Jenny and Becca, I jointly award you top blogger and the rewards will find their way to you shortly! Foundation lovelies - your marks should be falling through your letter boxes tomorrow morning - please read our comments - difficult decisions were made and ENORMOUS arguments took place, but at the end of the day the final grades were out of our hands and I can't really fault the examiner for her reasoning.

THANK YOU so much for my gorgeous flowers and gifts, I feel very spoiled and very touched - G, I know you were behind this and I am very grateful. Ish - it's just a car and I am just relieved that it was just a prang.

Have a fab weekend.

Gayle x


Well done girlies, WELL DONE.
You should ALL be so proud of yourselves,
The exhibitions are stunning, and the catwalk was a huge success, and went perfectly!!
It's finally all over, as weird as that feels...
Now go celebrate and have a fantastic summer, you deserve it!!
And I bet you all agree with me when I say all the hard work, missed events and nights in have all been worth it!!

Jennnnnnnny :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hey Girlies! Do we need a ticket for our guests to get into the private view? I don't have tickets! x

Art Replacement

Replaced art with...tidying.
Non stop yesterday and today.
Well I guess at least the house and my room are now spotless ready for the grandparents tomorrow! So there's a bonus. It's just so hard knowing what to do with my time now, Gayle you were so right... haha.

By the way, how many people can we invite to the catwalk/exhibition tomorrow...??
Really need to know,

Jennnnnny :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

It's actually....over.

Except for, of course - the Catwalk and Exhibition.
But still, it's basically...well and truly...over.

Isn't it a weird feeling girls? It's hardly sunk in with me...

Except that I was asked out tonight, and well...I could GO, I could actually...go. Instead of saying, 'i'm sorry I can't, I've artwork to do'...or being all 'well okay but only after I finish this bit of sewing'
It was a breath of fresh air.

But even so, the catwalk and exhibition should be great fun,

Like I know i've the catwalk and everything, but I'm around for some of the private viewing [still don't understand why the catwalk is during the does that work?] and figured I should wear something nice? Should I whip out the Galliano dress? Hmmmm??

Oh and how many people can we invite to the private viewing and catwalk on Thursday...?

Hope you can answer my questions girlys - or Gayle!! :)
Jennnnnnnnnny :)


WE'VE (almost) FINISHED! Yayyyy. Work is over, now just the (total mortification of a) catwalk show, two boring shifts each of sitting in a room watching flats be flats, a few hours of taking everything down and BAM, we'll be finished forever. No more Alton.

Scary stuff.

I might get Gayle withdrawals.

On the whole I'm happy with what I've managed to get done, but I came home and realised I haven't handed in any of my toiles :-/ I don't know how bad that is but I guess it's too late? Is it too late Gayle? Is it really bad? Argh I knew I'd forget something. I also found a stray piece of laser-cut chandelier which won't get to be fixed before the examiner sees.

Instead of a nice chillax, I have altered my skirt so I can squeeze my exceptionally (what's a nice way of saying it?) "voluptuous" backside in it. I blame all that stress-related peanut butter toast and birthday cake. Anyway, that was a very depressing afternoon but at least it's sorted.

I have to give a talk to ADFAS tomorrow evening (with one day's notice, very helpful) so it doesn't feel like the work has stopped yet, as I now have to whip up a presentation :-( I don't like public speaking much.

Anyway, enough whining on my part.
The exhibition looks great so



Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Finished Space

= a very happy Becca! :D

From the work that I've seen so far ... this is gunna be on hell of an exhibition!! Well done girlies :D xxx


Why did I leave doing this till last minute??! it was highly unpleasant, as the weather is so disgusting and really not my best angle, but the skirt looks lovely and dramatic

Isobellaa btw xx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Street Party!

Thank you everyone who was in my photoshoot! And thanks to everyone that has helped me, espically with the DIY part haha

Lucinda xx

Reminder For Foundation Peeps

Before i left on Friday, Mark said that i should write on here to remind all the Foundation lot that we should try to fill in the forms he sent us for Monday. Love Lottie x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Lucinda x

Breathe in Be quiet

I know I havent blogged in ages but seeing as its all coming to an end and im just doing the final touches i thought id blog some of my photos from my shoot yesterday! :)


Tell me a secret ...

If you have some spare time, wander over to my space and leave a message in the chest!  :)
Keep calm and carry on. It's almost over now.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Location Shooooooooooooooooooooooot

The rain held off long enough for us to get some fantastic shots...

Oh and a few of my dress in the photostudio today...

Today, the World was kind to me.
Jennnnnnnnnny :)

Space so far and my plates...


Lucinda x