Friday, 30 March 2012

Achraf Amiri

Sorry to be annoying and keep posting things, but one of my favourite fashion illustrators has just made this video. He says that he wants to: "break the image of the "superficial world" and make it accessible to everyone, with a critical view and some touch of dark humor." His illustrations are kinda creepy and have a sense of irony, but I love them!

This is his blog too:

oooh, and this is my moodboard:

Oh wow, I sound pretty gothy.
Love Faith xo   

a bit of this and that.

Here are some much better pictures of my space which i did at home and tried to create a glamorous pretty yet sophisticated bedroom. there are also some pictures of my mood board for my FMP, although i starting to worry i might of bitten off more then i can chew with the technical side of my FMP but im determined to do it so well just hope my bad luck doesn't take it over..

Georgia x

For Holly

This is the tron light dance video I was talking about, it is so cool!

Vickie x


Hope you all have a good Easter!!


From Holly xxxxxx

P.s. Thank you Faith :) :)

For Holly

Aloha! I remembered some looks from Manish Aroras s/s 11 collection were quite alien-y. Hope it helps:
I love your idea by the way!!
Faith xox

Thursday, 29 March 2012

My trip to the beach :) JCD

Mood Board JCD :)

i havent blogged in so long

i am very sorry for not blogging and i have a lot to say in a post! 
like uni interviews to help people still having interviews or next years 2nd years! 

manchester met was a group interview of 3 asked: do you see that being on an art and design course a disadvantage when wanting to study fashion? what makes you want to come here? what do you know about our graduates? etc and we had to crit each others work but nothing too difficult, but i didn't like it there very much anyway, the two course leaders/interviewers were as miserable as sin.

westminster: there were 11 of us and we had to drop our folios in a room and wait around for aaaaages, but they all seemed nice. then we got called in one by one for a 10-15 minute interview with two of the course leaders who are so friendly and funny. questions they asked: most and least favourite designer? who should become the new creative director of dior? what makes you stand above the other candidates in the room behind you? they asked about my job and which cheese i would recommend them? what makes their course different and more appealing to others? etc but it was just like a general conversation with copious amounts of banter so i actually really enjoyed myself!

nottingham trent: probably the most tricky of all 3 they asked: most recent exhibitions you've been too? how do you come up with your ideas and record them? which current affairs do you think will be prominent in next seasons collections? which area of fashion design do you want to go into? bla bla but i can't remember the questions which made me think a bit.

im a very happy bunny and got offers from all 3 so i was chuffed, but the thing they seemed to pick on the most was the fact that i did an art and design course, not fashion and they were trying to make it seem like a hinderance when i explained it was completely more beneficial as it gives me a more open and expressive approach to design! -hope that all helps!

 but yeah i haven't blogged in ages and gayle asked me to put photos of my space up, and i realised i haven't blogged since before the end of the skirt project haha! so here are some photos to look at from the skirt through to the beginning of the FMP! 

these are just some crappy practise photos just to document potential styling and make up in my sketchbook. but yeah theres the skirt!

and now onto the brighton project, my theme was mods in brighton in the 60's so wanted to use targets, red , white and blue but make it slightly decayed and aged.
please enjoy some making photos...

and then heres my final space! i wanted to make the photos look quite aged to give across the older feel more.

starting point for my FMP mood board based on identity!

and there you have it! very sorry for the extremely long post! 

love pip x