Sunday, 18 March 2012

I have got to stop with this late night blogging.

Been working on my chair all day, wooo, except I've just realised I never took the photos I've been taking off my boyfriends iPhone, oh nooo :( so the proof will be in the pudding when I bring my chair in! Unless of course I get the photos before then. 
Anyway, as Gayle has been telling us that we need to be planning our weeks etc, especially in FMP time, here is my plan for this week. I'm sure it will change every day but oh well: 

MONDAY. Finish chair off - put screen printed fabric over seat, photograph it. Document all this in my book. 

TUESDAY: Catch up on my sketchbook - drawings, writing about the wall piece etc, I want to write about how to screen print. Make my cotton ball lights but really make them out of yarn. These need to dry overnight. 

WEDNESDAY: Make my pom poms. These will be tiiiiiime consuming but will look AWESOME so I am looking forward to the finished effect! 

THURSDAY: Ideally I'd love to shoot everything together this day so I can print out my ten photos all lovely (from ASDA but so what) aaaand write up a nice evaluation. Wooooo. 

FRIDAY: This is just if I'm a day behind. Yay Friday. I'm going to congratulate myself with a biiiig M&S lunch if this week goes to plan. Boom. 

M x

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