Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Late Publish, But A Publish Nonetheless

Hello, its me again, Sally, here with a rather big fat apology of neglection.
   What with hours of travelling, extremely late nights (working not partying!!) and uni interviews this week, I have seemed to of neglected the days of the week, and therefore last weeks blog post. (as crazy as it may sound) I have only just realised that last week ended 36 1/2 hours ago! Ooops. So my apologies for this belated post - but as they say better late than never! And I did have every intention in doing this post (as well as many more on http://dressme-imyourmannequin.blogspot.com) Thursday evening - the night before my interview, while relaxing in my 4* hotel room - unfortunately there was no room for my laptop in my overnight bag & no extra strength in my muscles to carry my only means of blogging. And let me tell you, I DID suffer a whole 48hrs without internet (not even on my phone!) - after leaving my laptop behind, I also realised I couldn't do the work I'd intended in my hotel room for the 10 page project falmouth asked for (BUT DIDN'T EVEN FUDGING LOOK AT!!) nor could I do my planned research on the uni and it's course the night before. Damn!!
   But anyway, enough about my aking muscles and long train rides, I shall talk about my interview in this weeks blog post (to come). Today I just fancied sharing with you some of my fashion illustrations for the skirt project - to show how I have explored many techniques of illustrating and I to share with you my (extremely) time consuming work. So hope you enjoy!!
 Above: A response to Alber Elbaz's (works for Lanvin) fashion illustrations, done in water soluble pens (1hour).
 Above: A design response to the work of Central Saint Martin's students at Reclaim to Wear (a clothes recycling design organisation) done in water soluble pens (1hour).
 Above: A response to Cedric Rivrain's fashion illustrations, done in pencil and colour pencil - unfortunately my scanner refused to scan in colour, so this copy is only black and white (3hours).
 Above: Design # 1 - inspired by envelopes (1 1/2 hours).
 Above: Design # 2 and gift bow pencil drawing - Inspired by a gift bow and was a possible candidate for my final design. (7 hours).
 Above: Design # 3 - Inspired by a cloudy blue sky (2hours).
 Above: Design # 4 and a sapphire pencil drawing - Inspired by a sapphire (8hours).
Above: Design # 5 and a pencil drawing of a rose and a strawberry - Inspired by that manipulation of natural things such as the rose and the strawberry died blue (8 1/2 hours).

So hope you enjoyed looking at what I shared with you today (and what I had planned to share with you last Thursday!!!) Also keep tuned in to see my final bits to my skirt project, to hear about the Falmouth interview and to see some of my Brighton photos.
And I shall see you all tomorrow, Sally Louise Paine (http://dressme-imyourmannequin.blogspot.com)

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