Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I KNOW I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but here's my Brighton photos, because I genuinely have nothing to really say at the moment.
Also, happy birthday for yesterday Gayle :)
Flo xxx

The Pier

The sea


See for yourself

Photography - I guess?

Sunny sea

Let there be light!


Lily won me a pacman!!!

Sally being Pacman...

I didn't want her to steal pacman, so I won her a hello kitty :)

Just don't sit on the cow :/

Says it all

happy birthday gayle!

my own italian boutique 

vintage jewellery store


Shoe shopping!

Me and the girls :)

Lily looking... Interesting?

Cheeky fag

The M&S piano player... Not just any piano player

Lily buying her amazing shoes (jealous!)

Because it's a union jack

Brighton sweeties

La lanes

Amazing lighting store

Vigue diamond



Hey Ruth & Abby!

Guitar man

Jewellery lanes

Backstreet art

Casual dead gay umbrella

Vintage bike


Beautiful fabrics

Zebra wall

Casual Brightoner

Street art

Cheeky seagul


Kemp Town

Cheeky pier fag (such a poser).. Oh wait that's me D:

Merrily going round...

Sally's posing moment

Pacman eating brighton rock <3

1 comment:

  1. FLOOOOOOOOOO I both hate and love you atm. Hate - because you put up those cringy lookbook photos of me :/ and Love - because I cant stay mad at you :3 Other than the photos of me, I like your photos :)
    But on a serious note, your a meanie :'( but shall forgive you since you did win me that kitty :)
    Love from Sally x x x