Friday, 30 September 2011

wasps wasps and more wasps!

hey everyone

so we only have a few more days left on our first project and as usual...i am in a panic and rush and very unorganised! i did a photoshoot of wasps which i was inspired by these are a bit different from the usual close up shots of the wasps!

these are a bit wierd but yanoeeee....they are original ;) i am going to (try) photoshop these to make the backgrounds white

secondly i have choosen two of favourite pieces of work from my book which i edited on photoshop... here they are.. ^^^ i am pretty pleased with these since i cant use photoshop, but i am slowly figuring it out!!

anyway i am really looking forward to the next project and i am thinking of using either resin or shrinkies for it...we'll see what happens

speak soon
much love
viki xox

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Waspy bits

Mr Junk Wasp

Photos of my little darling wasp

from Hannah R

Steve McCurry Exhibition, 24/09/11

I went to a photography exhibition in London on Saturday, the photographer was Steve McCurry. It was very interesting, because when I'm older, I would like to experience journalist/documentary photography, and 'capture the world' (sounds cheesy, but it's true haha) and basically do what McCurry does...

"Steve McCurry is known for his evocative color photography, he in the finest documentary tradition, captures the essence of human struggle and joy. McCurry captures the essence of human struggle and joy. McCurry has searched and found the unforgettable; many of his images have become modern icons.  He was born in Philadelphia, McCurry graduated from the College of Arts and Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. After working at a newspaper for two years, he left for India to freelance. It was in India that McCurry learned to watch and wait on life."

“If you wait,” he realized, “people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.”
- Steve McCurry

(Didn't mean to write loads, but felt you needed to understand who he is, and what he does, before you look at his work...) These are a few images of his work that I like, some of them were in the exhibition;

Maz, x

(Don't know whether to say Maz, or Mariella....?!)

Rowan - Photoshop Experiments

3D Wasp.

This week i made a 3D Wasp out of wire. Here are a few photographs i took of it indoors and outdoors. :)

Sophie :) x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wire Wasp

Carrying on from the wasp project, this is my 3D response using wire and sewing round it to add in colour. 

Georgia x

Wasps! :o)

Sorry forgot to blog on monday! So this week I have been playing with photoshop this is the first image i made using a biro drawing...

by Lauren x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Beasties !!!

I have been doing more waspy work in the second week, and now I am in the 3rd and final week of the project I am really trying to develop my images that I have created so far.

Here are some of the basic images I have created before development...

Ink & Bleach

Paint and Ink

Mono Print and Paint

For inspiration I have been looking at a few different designers. One of my favourites so far which is most linked to this project is Timorous Beasties...

My response...

Here's a music video that i'm really into at the moment. It's a few years old, but makes me laugh and is my working soundtrack...

Metronomy - A thing for me :)


Holly <3

Wallpaper for Wasps!

First blog post!

Wasn't sure when I was meant to be blogging because I only joined last week, so haven't been put on the "rota" yet, so taken things into my own hands! ;)    Due to my indecisive brain I couldn't make up my mind between Illustration and Textiles, until last week anyway. So thought I'd better get crackinnnn' on the textiley creations ASAP!

Did a wallpaper design covered it lots of cute little wasps. (never thought I'd refer to them as cute, they've been stinking out the art rooms for the past 2 weeks!) though I'd stick to black and white, as yellow seemed a bit garish. Actually really pleased with it even though it's only blue tacked to the wall, and might try and make some wings next! Watch this space :D

Well that took years to write! Probably shouldn't of shut my finger in a door, and then shut the other two in pliers! Hope you like :) 

Hannah :D xx

I am really interested in prosthetic make up and would love to study it in university. I am really fascinated by prosthetics and enjoy playing around with different materials.  I have uploaded the images below from my graphics project and my design diary; I chose these images because I believe they look realistic and are quite shocking.
To create these cuts and bruises I used nail vanish and eye shaddows. Lucy x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

My Glass Clock

" this summer I created this glass clock. I was inspired by the colours in my bedroom. The blues are from my wallpaper (even though the first picture makes it look green?), the reds and pinks are from my curtains and my duvet. The greens; and in particular the lime green is from my dressing tables' handles and the white is from my wooden floor, ceiling and door. (pretty colourful huh!...I also have a rainbow striped rug!, but that's not important right now!... so let's continue) I tried to keep most of the colour just as a frame because I'm not a lover of sticking loads of pictures and things on my wall; just because I absolutely love my wallpaper and I don't want to hide it! I also thought it would be a nice element for the clock to look like it's floating on the wall." 
" yeah; if you're interested in knowing how I made it I can post more pictures; since... yes I was 'sad' and documented it step by step. Hope you like it!" : D

"...I'm not quite sure why the first picture makes my wallpaper look green maybe it's because it's a darker picture?... or it's my poor editing skills?" 

"Oh and it's Charley by the way!" : )

This is what wasps like, as well as stinging people.

Didnt really know what to put for my post, so i thought id show you a couple of my favourite things that always put me in the mood to be an art fag :)
and I think when all the little wasps are wasping around doing their waspy thing, they probably like to look at this stuff too, (when theyre not stinging you or eating your picnic that is..) This band is really fun and whenever i listen to them they inspire me to do arttt :)

this is by my favourite graffiti artist; kid acne. :)

this guy doesnt just rap about bitches and fast cars he gets to the point. and i often play him when im workinggg :)

 this is my favourite song by him and it really motivates me to improve on my work and if you try hard enough you can accomplish anything

"who am i better than, im better than i used to be,
im gonna keep on getting better so you better just get used to me
if you think thats a cop out then hear my point
truthfully cos chances are deep down this is how you used to be
if your only aim is to be as good as scroobius pip,
as soon as  you've achieved it your standards will slip
but if your goal is only to improve on yourself
then the quest is never over no matter how big your wealth. "

this is my cat.

he likes to pretend hes human.
 he doesnt like wasps.

I shall leave you with this :) 
feel free to laugh.

P.S its Chloe  (: