Wednesday, 28 November 2012

noooo!!! i spilled waer on keboard :/

sorr people, i accidenl spli waer on m so sad and frusraed ohhh i canno even spell he word ou...urghhh...does an of u know how o fix it? please lemme know if u do!
ohh! and I would like o share m blog wih u'all....
ok im done.

- jenn lakandri :/ xx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tie dye queen

Halla creative people,
I have just spent the past two hours inhaling dye and tie dying my 8 panels (which I have cut) with the colours flamingo pink and tulip red. I didn't spill any dye which for me is a big thing! I didn't really use a technique or follow, as normal  just went crazzzzy, although I do think this is called the bunching effect. I'm honestly not feeling to peachy right now so you can kind of guess the stages! I do have a lot more to do and i'm confused to how it doesn't match up correctly with my 8 panels. BUT YAY OCTOPUS UMBRELLA IN PROGRESS!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Eits Josh

If only there was enough time to develop my other ideas more now
 The Vast Unpredictability of Moving Sand Dunes in the Sahara
  To the random and More common than generally thought avalances where ever theres mountains and snow.
 And article i found on BBC news... pretty inspiring.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Incredible Umbrellaaaaas!!!

I know we were meant to do this last week, but heyy I've found some pretty awesome stuff :D
Umbrellas for dog!! :O
Umbrellas that look like guns!! :O
Some crazy umbrella hats/headpiece!! :O
Number 4 made of umbrellasRaining umbrellas at Channel 4 on Horseferry Road
You know how the Channel 4 ad always have the '4' in different creative ways?! Well, they managed to make a '4' out of umbrellas!! :O

A Bluetooth umbrella!! :O Designed by Mikhail Stawsky
The handle of the Bluetooth Umbrella features a touchscreen display with a caller ID, a speaker and mic to communicate with your caller and a radio receiver!! How cool is that!?? :O

Photo Courtesy of Life Magazine.
A photo of me standing under my umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ay-ay :P

-Jenny L xxxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hey Its JoSh, feeling sorry for gayle...kinda... so
Jean-Micheal (Basiquat?)... Chaos at the best.
and Kenny Sharf Jungle these are on my mind 
And this is from somewhere in london, i love the organized chaos of broken objects.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello this is EMMA-JANE YET AGAIN. Rawr

Just thought i'd share my evening with you guys and show you the shibori technique. I'm really bored so the pictures may amuse you...

Step number one: I use coins but you can actually use any little object (that doesn't melt) to create a 3d effect for this technique. I like coins because they produce circles and relate to my Octopus umbrella :) Paper clips look really cool too! All you do is lay your fabric on the floor, lay a penny onto the fabric, twist it and then tie it with either wool, elastic or rope. Whatever tickles your pickle!

You then get a metal siv and place it upon a boiling hot pan of water and let it steam for two minutes or so depending on how delicate you would like it and how thick your material is. Then once done, let it cool down and cut off the elastic.

THE RESULT. Its pretty awesome, I love this technique!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Someone had to do the stereotypical film for a umbrella scene and my brain cells are slowly melting so yes I have chosen Mary Poppings :)

This film is a musical and the woman herself is a mysterious nanny who helps a unhappy little family. She travels by her famous umbrella and is basically a crazy lady. I aspire to be her ;).. WE ALL KNOW THIS FILM!

Different uses of the umbrella, I particularly like the second image and third. Purely because I would totally have that sort of quirky interior for my own home :) For those who love fashion, I found a more simplistic candy cotton type of umbrella dress. 

Obviously you'll look at this and realise this is one of Alexander McQueen's extreme creations, I feel he designed this because it was a obvious statement on his negative feelings toward the fashion industry. I really like the build up of the grotesquely made-up models with the additional features of the umbrella's and the statement lipstic.

To end this post I would like you to take the time to appreciate my umbrella hat :)


Monday, 12 November 2012

I'm freezing in the rain...

Famous umbrella scene from the movie Singing In The Rain, the song makes me happy and makes me wanna learn tap dancing. I find this scene really cool because Gene Kelly uses the umbrella as a prop instead of keeping him dry. He twirls it, spins it, throws it, catches it then gives it to a random guy....ahaha simply incredible.

- Jenny L :) xx

thoughts i'd share this sweet picture, op. art beard Bridget Riley would be proud.
and a random picture of my pet frog terrance, Josh.W x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A title with no name.

I have only just looked at the brief for our spinning tops project and I do not understand it either but oh well, i've produced this at home :)

Super happy I only have 1 maths exam and just one project to focus on now. Happy Emma. Our little group did so well for the "dragons den" yay well done you guyyys.

I'm forever posting on this blog and you guys are making me look super geeky, so come onnnnn.

Hope your weekends peachy
EJ x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Spoonflower patterns

Hello another post from EJ...

I just experimented on spoonflower with my photographs from a fireworks display earlier this eve. Just thought I'd do a short and sweet post on the three I particularly like as they're textural and busy :)
Sorry that they're screen prints!

Movement etc:etc..

 The above are a picture of me working at home, and a shot that i took in the studio at college.
These are a man made pair of trees, I saw them when I went up to the Tate Modern last week
they have been carved out of a large pillar of wood and are insanely realistic
 These are some photographs from today, the one above is from running the tap in the class sink adding paint ,then letting it move.
These are some pictures that I took at the Alresford fireworks, I also went to a free one in old Alresford. I love the similar composition in them and The smoke trails that they leave behind are ghostly.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Whoa, it's Sunday already?!

Dang, this week went by so fast...don't you guys think?!
I spent my half term mostly with my siblings and a friend who stayed over at mine for the whole week. We didn't do much but we got to go to Oxford last Friday, and it was one of the great day of my life because I used to live near it and after moving to Farnborough I haven't got to chance to go there, I was lucky as well, almost everything there was on sale so I bought quite a lot of stuff, it was like Christmas shopping but for myself...:P We also got these new fancy Diet Coke for FREE!!! I'm not a big fan of diet coke but I gotta say these bottles are so pretty they definitely would attract females all over the world. 
We saw a man on tightrope while playing the violin, how cool is that!
They look really adorable <3 td="td">

We got the cokes from this van :D

Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke bottles!!!

Okay, it's question time!

  1. Next year I am going to….Uni in London!! (Hopefully) Either Westminster, Ravensbourne or Central St Martins :P ~ okie I admit that I've not been doing well in the beginning of this year, *dramatic music starts playing* though I'm changing that, I'm gonna work my freakin' bum off and never ever ever ever going to give up, one day I know I will make my family and Gayle proud :') 
  2. The two people who inspire me most are… BeyoncĂ© because she is like AH-MA-ZINGGGG! If I get to be anyone for a day, it would be her. This is one of my favourite song by her
    Another person who inspires me is...hmmm I can't think of anyone right now
  3.  When I am not working hard at college I am…hanging out my friends when I'm still in college, and when I'm at home, I'm either on tumblr, music, eating, singing out loud, dancing around the house (if no one's home) or sleeping.
  4. The country I most want to travel to is….I’m not sure and this is because…I want to travel all around the world. :D
  5. The most important thing I have learnt this term is…never procrastinate and let Gayle down. All the hard work will pay off in the end.
Note to Gayle: I hope you had a great time in Nepal and have safely returned to UK. I really need your help! I will be uploading pics of my powerpoint and products here later this week as I am still working on them. Is that bad?! I don't know... :S

And erm that's it! I hope y'all had a good half term, see y'all tomorrow! :)

Jenny L x


This is Emma-Jane and to please Gayle I'm going to a lovely long post :)
I am very stressed at the moment but I recently went on holiday and traveled to France, Germany and Holland for 4 days, it was greaaat fun! There's some seriously amazing street art in the Netherlands!

I do like photography so here are some of the pictures I took for the spinning tops project. 

Moving onto our wasp project here are some pictures. My bathroom is very small so I'm afraid my shower curtain pictures are not brill plus I'm scared to iron it in case it burns..

I have made my own little wash bag, (I want to make a bigger one though), a exfoliating glove with embellishment, soaps, nail file, my own little sample of cleanser and flannel/ hanker chief.. I have stressed about my shower cap idea and its not working out brilliantly. I also plan to make resin, if its not too late! My shower curtain is my main product.

Answering question..

Next year I am hoping to be at university somewhere in London or Bath Spa/ Bristol UWE hopefully! I also plan in the summer to do something amazing for charity, I want to sky dive or do something wild.

The two people who inspire me most is the model Daphne Groeneveld because I don't know why, but I think she's fab and has a really interesting face. I don't know who inspires me, I tend to see things in magazines or tumblr that just make be go wow.

When I am not working hard at college I am, either eating, in Norfolk (as that's where my mumma lives), out with friends, trying to do workout video's pffft or doing my college work! Not exciting really.

I would love to go to Thailand, Africa Or somewhere in South America. I just love their cultures and they're so much more quirky than us brits.

The most important thing I have learnt this term is to stick to a plan that actually includes several whole days of doing art and maths reversion and not to be too much in my sisters room because I know all of One Directions and Taylor Swifts songs..

I hope you've all enjoyed half term :) Sorry for the long post!