Sunday, 4 November 2012

Whoa, it's Sunday already?!

Dang, this week went by so fast...don't you guys think?!
I spent my half term mostly with my siblings and a friend who stayed over at mine for the whole week. We didn't do much but we got to go to Oxford last Friday, and it was one of the great day of my life because I used to live near it and after moving to Farnborough I haven't got to chance to go there, I was lucky as well, almost everything there was on sale so I bought quite a lot of stuff, it was like Christmas shopping but for myself...:P We also got these new fancy Diet Coke for FREE!!! I'm not a big fan of diet coke but I gotta say these bottles are so pretty they definitely would attract females all over the world. 
We saw a man on tightrope while playing the violin, how cool is that!
They look really adorable <3 td="td">

We got the cokes from this van :D

Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke bottles!!!

Okay, it's question time!

  1. Next year I am going to….Uni in London!! (Hopefully) Either Westminster, Ravensbourne or Central St Martins :P ~ okie I admit that I've not been doing well in the beginning of this year, *dramatic music starts playing* though I'm changing that, I'm gonna work my freakin' bum off and never ever ever ever going to give up, one day I know I will make my family and Gayle proud :') 
  2. The two people who inspire me most are… BeyoncĂ© because she is like AH-MA-ZINGGGG! If I get to be anyone for a day, it would be her. This is one of my favourite song by her
    Another person who inspires me is...hmmm I can't think of anyone right now
  3.  When I am not working hard at college I am…hanging out my friends when I'm still in college, and when I'm at home, I'm either on tumblr, music, eating, singing out loud, dancing around the house (if no one's home) or sleeping.
  4. The country I most want to travel to is….I’m not sure and this is because…I want to travel all around the world. :D
  5. The most important thing I have learnt this term is…never procrastinate and let Gayle down. All the hard work will pay off in the end.
Note to Gayle: I hope you had a great time in Nepal and have safely returned to UK. I really need your help! I will be uploading pics of my powerpoint and products here later this week as I am still working on them. Is that bad?! I don't know... :S

And erm that's it! I hope y'all had a good half term, see y'all tomorrow! :)

Jenny L x

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