Sunday, 27 January 2013

Photography for book project by Sian!

The item I chose was a paper weight, I then thought I would link this with writing letters and then do a photo shoot with different scenes in which you would write letters. 

The Victorian era

An old French man, because the paperweight originated from France. 

Writing a letter to a pen pal. 

Refusing to write letters in English class. (Bit rude to be honest, Lauren.)

Writing letters home at war. 

Business letters at work. 

That's all I've done so far! Enjoyyyy! 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Valentino: Master of Couture

Had this Tuesday off and, being the keen and eager fashion students we are, we headed up to the Valentino exhibition at Somerset House.

The grand arched ceilings of the exhibition space at Somerset House provides a setting perfect for the presence Valentino's gowns exude. The first room with its double height ceiling holds a series of glass cases rested on elegant chairs each focusing on a different aspect of Valentino's status as 'Master of Couture'; one features correspondence between Valentino and his celebrity clients, friends, and admirers (Princess Diana, Anna Wintour, and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few). As the opening exhibit it seems this serves to highlight the adoration of Valentino before we view his pieces - perhaps a pointed reminder of his monopoly on couture. On the far wall a huge rose is mounted, another reminder of the brand status which the rose is synonymous with. So far the focus seems to be much more on the man than his dresses.

Up the stairs the tone changes. A beautiful runway scene spreads out before us either side of which stand the dresses, arranged amongst audience chairs, each with a famous attendee's name lavishly scribed on a tag. Despite the dim light we peer at the brochure provided as the only way to get any information about the pieces, each of which is numbered. Seems simple enough. That is until the numbers fall out of order and we are flipping back and forth through the booklet to identify the season and occasionally the famous wearer. Little else is given besides the briefest of descriptions about the outfit.

A seemingly good idea to categorise the garments by colour and theme doesn't pay off; the arrangement does little to exhibit any change or development in style. Instead we are treated to some truly foul mannequin colours (surprise surprise not every Valentino piece from the sixties looks good against 'mustard') and another reason to have to flip through the booklet to identify the era of every dress.

All that aside most of the pieces are undeniably stunning. This is the part where I was going to  review the best and worst but alas no photos were allowed and the ones I made a note of are impossible to find online so I'm kind of limited. I did manage to find my favourite though...

From the Spring/Summer 1993 collection, this evening gown with budellini technique detailing was easily my favourite - simple and detailed at the same time, flattering and elegant (and of course perfect for the current white trend!)

As for my least favourite pieces, the animal print section was a strong contender, but the top (or bottom) spot has to go to a 1992 blue, yellow, purple and green tappeto di ruches technique evening dress. I mean I know it was the nineties but it's hard to imagine this ever being high fashion.

Overall I was a big fan of the white and black sections, though I think this has more to do with my personal preference of simplistic elegance in couture. A disappointing admission for me was the lack of the classic red dresses Valentino is famous for, especially considering the dominant red in the promotional material. Most of all I felt the styling let the dresses down, the wigs and coloured mannequins doing little for the exquisite pieces and only dragging down the less beautiful.

Beyond the runway section a beautiful wedding dress made for Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece is displayed. In contrast to the runway this was beautifully presented; if only more pieces had been given such precedence. The last exhibit was an explanation of the classic techniques used in the prestigious Valentino Atelier, including the Pagine technique exclusive to Valentino.

The exhibition overall was much more focused on parading and celebrating the success of Valentino  the man, and then the brand. For a label that is famous for dressing A-list stars on red carpets, it is arguably appropriate that the exhibition takes every opportunity to drop a famous name but in many ways I felt this detracted from the dresses themselves. All in all the beauty and craft of Valentino's garments does show, but I can't help feeling they weren't done justice in this exhibition.

After taking in Valentino, we popped into the Tim Walker exhibition - incredible photography even though the larger than life props scared the hell out of me, and then off to Oxford Street (I was boring and only bought a grey tee from Zara and some long white and grey socks from Uniqlo, but then again I do love my quality basics) Basically a really good day!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Liv's wabi sabi images

Wabi-sabi is way to conceive beauty in a more profound way, a way that isn’t artificial or shallow. It is an inward appreciation of a something that ordinarily would be overlooked by those who do not understand the wabi-sabi state of mind. Wabi-sabi signifies the impermanence of life and the beauty within the worn, broken or tarnished objects that represent that. These objects embody the passage of time which gives them added meaning and significance. A wabi-sabi space should be clear and sparse- this is perhaps a way of giving the objects elevated status in the room, ensuring that they are not overlooked. Cleanliness is also a mark of respect in Japanese culture, which could well contribute to this.

My own wabi sabi images: 


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wabi Sabi by Izzy

Wabi sabi is the beauty of things imperfect. The accepting of growth, decay and death in the natural cycle. It is simplistic and modest, the kind of beauty that waits to be discovered. It focuses on the appreciation of weathering, marks over time and the sense of being owned. Wabi sabi can’t be defined by a list of traits but more through aesthetic awareness that goes beyond appearance. A feeling rather than a definition through the use of words, this is described through the translation of wabi sabi; wabi meaning despondence, something sad and desolate that is in tune with nature, organic, and sabi meaning lonliness, the natural progression of time and the understanding that all things grow old and become less conventionally beautiful. However, sabi can also be used to describe something carrying age with grace and dignity.

I first thought that wabi sabi was defined by an object’s appearance. That these objects were distressed and weathered but from research I’ve found that it is a deeper concept than just the physical attributes of an object. Objects that are defined by wabi sabi are those found in second hand shops and car boot sales, those that have an obvious feeling of being owned and loved which is felt through some of their physical features such as marks, cracks and crevices. This kind of style is becoming more popular in interior design however the true meaning or wabi sabi cannot be replicated in an item from the high street. It consists of earthy neutral colours and the textures of nature; wood, leather and bones and the effects age has on them such as decay, rust and cracks.

I am drawn to second hand and antique items as I’ve always liked the idea that something has been loved, owned and has a history behind it and character before I can own and add to this myself. I think wabi sabi is a simple concept to appreciate as it is relatable, everybody has owned and loved a physical object despite how it has aged. These features become its memories make it beautiful in a less aesthetic form. Below is my interpretation of a wabi sabi style photo. I collected some old objects from my home, most of which have been handed down through the family, the main object of the photo being the clock with the worn face.

Friday, 18 January 2013

wabi-sabi by elli

Upon first researching Wabi Sabi all I understood was that it involved a lot of exposed wood and some kettles. However I have grown to understand that it is really something quite more evolved than that. Wikipedia and a variety of blogs opened up a world that I instantly recognised, it is a world I want to live in! Simplicity, elegance, neutrality, relaxing are the words that Wabi Sabi creates through (another selection of words) withered, natural, aged and unique styling and objects that make a modest lifestyle craved after worldwide.

Life through wabi-sabi is minimalistic and earthy, its now a combination of sophistication but with the "one with nature" philosphy as the hippies. Its muted, its understated but more than anything, its desirable. Wabi-sabi delivers an effortless look that shows history. The objects represent the epitone of disheleved and worn elegance in the story of these prized possesssions. The combination of earthy browns, crisp whites and a collection of mellow colours create a beautifully simplistic aesthetic that pleases every sense, especially the mixture of textures; the dry wood; animal bones; furs; twigs and branches; concrete; leather; softness, metal and rust. Its these naturalistic qualities that create an eerily homely feel in open spaces, to feel comfortable and in touch with yourself as the old meaning of the word wabi-sabi intended, to live a life based on the necessities and auesterity but now in a stylised way.

Above I have collected a series of images on Pinterest under the tag wabi-sabi, they portray a very rustic appeal, from similar backgrounds as the "shabby chic" trend that has established itself, wabi-sabi offers a much more genuine ethos rather than concentrating on material goods because of its unique origin. The colours in the images above are basic and monotonal but so effective together. I really respect this way of life, coming from a less well-off background I've always greatly appreciated the things I have as well as considering the aesthetics of my home. Below I have tried to recreate a wabi-sabi-esque photo because my own home is comfy (homely but not stylish) I used an old lantern I found in my garden on top of a wooden barrel-type thing to focus on the attraction of imperfection. Wabi-Sabi is something I aspire to when I grow up and move out, until then I'll be making lots of wabi-sabi inspired notes to pour out into my luxurious adult size home.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hello Project By Chloe, Trina and Rosina

We decided to recreate a Hello Magazine photo-shoot, using the theme of Britain to say Hello to other countries. We decided to make it more complex by having the girl at the beginning who we styled as if she was sitting in a very British living room, reading the Hello magazine. As she flicks through the pages she lands on an advertisement for Rimmel London make-up using the British flag as a theme, we decided to paint Anna's lips to the flag as well and stick the image next to the advert. We then showed Anna looking at the image of herself and as we zoomed in through stop motion switched to the photo-shoot itself where the image came from. The video is quite short however we were pleased with our ideas and the outcome, the song "Hello" by The Beatles also fitted well into our theme.

Hope you like it! x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

HELLO PROJECT!! Sian's group, with Olivia and Elli

                                                                 Country side shoot

 City shoot 

                                                                Seaside shoot

Monday, 14 January 2013

A - Z of Katy

A – Z OF Katy

A – Age

I am 18 years OLD wahoo gr8 age

B – Bravest thing I’ve done

Probably apply for fashion design at university?..... Joking joking umm I don’t think I’m that brave? hah

C – Chore I hate

Well chores in general aren’t really my thing but I especially hate tidying….mainly my room but tidying pretty much anywhere is SO much effooooort

D – Dogs or cats

I don’t have either but I would probably prefer a dog because they can be so Cute.

E – Essential start to the day

A cup of TEA every time! Mainly Yorkshire tea but at the moment I am loving Earl Grey.


F – Fear of…

So cliché but 100% phobia of spiders! Once I was home alone and called half the people in my village to come rescue me from a spider in my room…I would probably cry if you put one near me.

G – Geographical location that is important to me

I live in Hook which is a pretty average, dull place but is v.  important to me because I work in the local tescos…
H – Height

5 foot something…. Not sure right now, need to measure

I – Instrument I play

Used to play the flute but I’ve always wanted to be able to play the piano.


J – Journey – my best ever

My gran lives in Llandudno, North Wales which is by the sea and I absolutely LOVE it there. I’m not totally sure why but it is quite pretty and has a fun pier and cute shops.

K – Kick ass music track

Whenever in doubt put on paolo nutini.....

And also this but sort of goes without saying? #ROCK ON


L – Lust after

Lots and lots of clothes even though my wardrobe is now overflowing into a floordrobe. I adoreee anything with cuffs and lace frills, and also anything with a hint of period costume which is why I Love Vivienne Westwood and this top:
Wizard Frill Shirt

M – Movie

Notting Hill every single time, all time fave film ever. I love Notting Hill the place and still fancy Hugh Grant…

N – Nickname

Mase – I think it should actually be spelt with a ‘c’ but an ‘s’ will do

O – Outrageous behaviour

Falling off my chair when I am drunk everytime and ending up on the floor!! .......Also you should have seen me and Magaluf..and Reading Fest

P – Pet peeves

I’m not really sure if this is a ‘peeve’ but what really peeves me off about myself is that I spend my life locked out of my house and at nearly 19 can still not remember to take a key out with me.

Q – Quote from a movie


Billy Mack: Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!

R – Recreational activity


S – Siblings

I have 2 sisters: Helena 11 and Izi 17 years old
 This is my sis Iz

T – Television

Horrible Histories.. odd choice but watched it with my little sister the other day and it is actually hilarioussssss especially this song:

Annnnd obviously Downton Abbey, can’t really beat it.

U – Undercover – what you didn’t know about me

I am actually a punk rocker.

V – Va va voom – who gets my engine running

I oddly fancy Lawrence Fox from Lewis?

W – What makes me stop and stare

Someone with lush hair and lush clothes

X – X-ray vision – what I would like to see if I could

The past probablyyyy

Y – Yummy, what I like to eat the most

Eckles cakes are THE nicest thing with a cup of tea.

Z – zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep

When I am very very  tired and havent slept in a while zzzzzzZZ
Peace out..gotta go watch Lewis now...

A - Z of Libby

A IS FOR AGE........ 18 years old just for the next few weeks !
B FOR THE BRAVEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE .... Climbed Kilimanjaro hahah joke haven't really ummmmm ...

C IS FOR CHORE I HATE.. Can't be doing with essay writing that really is a chore ! And walking my old slow doggieeeee

D IS FOR DOGS OR CATS........ definitely dogs . Love my dog so much she is POIFECT

Marmite toast everydayyyy

F IS FOR FEAR.............
This is so cliche but rodents are absolutely disgusting. This one time, at band camp , JOKE at normal camp there was a small vole trapped in my tent compartment with me all night and that night will go down in history as the worst night of my life I don't even want to talk about it right now. Photo of a vole at the bottom


Ooh my god Kalkan In Turkey. The most amazing place I have ever been, lucky enough for my friend to have a beautiful apartment there. Ah I want to be there so much

H IS FOR HEIGHT.. Five foot six and a half pretty average

The flute when I was younger and absolutely nothing now !

J IS FOR JOURNEY...........
I haven't massively been on a huge journey, spending 5 weeks of last summer away when I completely needed it in turkey and France definitely sent me back a much happier version of me. Hopefully there will be a big one to come

Moby in my heart ! And all the albums my mum used to play when I was younger, feels so gooood when I hear them again.

So many things. Material things like lois Vuitton everything many temperley dresses and also I would like sick abs cause right now I am so lazy. I haven't been to the gym In so long and going on a run is a myth. Hmm this must change

M IS FOR MOVIE...........
Cliche movies are certainly for me but I do actually Love films Harry potter box set gets killed , up and all the chick flicks ever

N IS FOR NICKNAME...........
My mum Calls my Archie from liberachi haha ooh gad

Hhaha when I go out with my friends I can be pretty grim. Someone thought it ws a good idea to go to Magaluf in the summer turns out it was a disgusting idea. Sick and sick and sand and sick

P IS FOR PET PEEVE.................
People who can't let something go , doooo not want to Hear it

The first Harry potter oooo
Draco Malfoy: Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair... and a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Weasley.

Seamus Finnigan: I'm half and half. Me dad's a muggle; Mam's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out.

Ron: Happy Christmas, Harry.
Shoo cute

Try and keep fit but hasn't been doing it for me recently. Eat well shop well ! Laughing

S IS FOR SIBLINGS..............
One brother who has been at uni for too long !:(

Desperate housewives TOWIE MIC everything gossipy

That I am half Serbian !!! Ooo

V IS FOR VA VA VOOM...........
100 percent Ryan gosling so goooood . Anyone that is funny !!! You haveee to be funny !

W IS FOR WHAT MAKES ME STARE..................
People dressed well amazingly good looking people haha I've been told s stare a lot actually. When someone is being really odd

If I had it , I would look inside all my hilarious friends houses at all the funny situations they tell me about

Momma carbs I love carbs pasta rice potatoes but when I'm pretending not to like them I love fish and i am a great lover of peas

I fall asleep too much. Napping is great time and I always over sleep
My own blog I started one ! Thanksssssyou

A to Z of Becky

A – Age I have just turned 19 about 2 days ago, don’t feel very old yet and would love to never have to grow up a bit like peter pan
B – Bravest thing I’ve done I’m not a very brave person at all, i am a huge first class whimp! C – Chore I hate I find ironing therapeutic but hate having to wash up dishes when i get a house a dishwasher will be essential.
D – Dogs or cats Defiantly dogs, I have both at home but my mum is one of those crazy cat women and we have 3! One is so mischievous and gets up to all sorts, where as my lovely golden retriever gives you love when you need it but also does climb all over you every 5 minutes!

 E – Essential start to the day Something warming that’s sweet, flavoured coffees are yummy yummy. F – Fear of… Falling....always wake up in a sweat from dreaming of falling from something really high! And RATS!

 G – Geographical location that is important to me My grandma’s house, it’s always stayed the same and i love that about it, always makes me feel warm and safe.

 H – Height I actually don’t know....taller than an ant but shorter than the BFG I – Instrument I play I wish I could play something! The best thing I can play is the recorder and I even find that challenging.

 J – Journey – my best ever Has to be my trip to New York with school. World wind trip would go back tomorrow. Secondly has to be my holiday this year to Tenerife with 9 of my friends, best experience ever and I wish I could re live it....well some parts of it ha! Love these crazy kids
K – Kick ass music track Cold play- fix you. Gets me every time

 L – Lust after A trip around the world.... sun sun sun sun sun!

M – Movie Love a good romance; however I have a small obsession with Transformers I most definitely believe my car can turn into one. (I even have a transformers jumper...)

 N – Nickname Normally something with relevance to my Hair color (orange) or how ditsy and crazy I am! 
O – Outrageous behavior Melting a Barbie with my friend in her kitchen, because we decided Barbie was evil....the mess was beyond hideous....

 P – Pet peeves When my sister stays in the bathroom for an hour! There is no need!

 Q – Quote from a movie “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” Optimus Prime is a wise guy!
R – Recreational activity I love cycling especially when the sun is out, but as a backup plan shopping never lets me down unless my bankcard declines.

 S – Siblings I have two sisters, Emma who is 15 and Katie who is 11 the worst bit is having things go missing and suspiciously your sister wearing them in her latest photo sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy with all the stuff that disappears. We are all very different but I do love them really.....sorta.
T – Television Pretty much any TV I love the trashier the better, But some of my favorites have to be friends (classic) and the new series revenge on E4 would recommend that! Oh and gossip girl xoxo. U –

Undercover – what you didn't know about me. I’m quite obsessed with CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION...I like to think I’m a detective.

 V – Va va voom – who gets my engine running Jake Gyllenhaal. Check out that cheeky smile ;)
W – What makes me stop and stare Anything with a percentage sign and the word SALE written right next to it.

 X – X-ray vision – what I would like to see if I could Out of space... not sure why, just think it would look pretty cool.

 Y – Yummy, what I like to eat the most I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man kind! Peanut m and ms, fizzy laces, minstrels, skittles, sour jelly babies, fizzy worms, chocolate, cookies and cream lindor, sherbet, fruit pastels......................might invest in a sweet shop.

 Z – zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep I seem to always have constant energy, but when sleep calls I’m out for the count.