Saturday, 12 January 2013

A -Z of Caitlin

A – Age… 19 years old

B – Bravest thing I’ve done… I had four teeth taken out in one go before I had my braces, pretty brave if you ask me.
C – Chore I hate… I absolutely hate washing up, it’s the most tedious job there is. And the gloves make your hands smelly.
D – Dogs or cats… Definitely dogs, especially my little pooch molly (ok so not that little, quite tubby infact) She’s Collie-Labrador cross and loves food.

E – Essential start to the day… The snooze button on my alarm, to say I am not a morning person is an understatement.
F – Fear of… Slugs, they’re too slimey and slow.
G – Geographical location that is important to me… There is nothing I like more than coming home after a long day at work or college, so it would have to be my house.
H – Height…  5’6
I – Instrument I play… None now, but I used to play the guitar if that counts?
J – Journey – my best ever... I’m lucky enough to have been on a fair few holidays with my family, but I really reallllllly want to go travelling around Europe. So I would like to think I haven’t had my best journey yet.
K – Kick ass music track… I love Rihanna.

What a Beauty

L – Lust after… A holiday, I just want to go somewhere sunny and warm!!
M – Movie… Hairspray, I love a cheesy musical.

N – Nickname… No nickname for me I’m afraid.
O – Outrageous behaviour… I don’t think I do anything toooo outrageous, though I can throw some pretty mean shapes on the dance floor.   
P – Pet peeves... Skinny girls who moan about being fat…
Q – Quote from a movie… We're going to need considerably bigger buns calendar girls.
R – Recreational activity… I have quite a few, reading, shopping and watching films mainly, but I would love to have time to learn another language.
S – Siblings… I’m the youngest middle child of four siblings (does that make sense?) This is my older brother Ben who is a big music hotshot, with his wife.

 These are my two sisters, one older and one younger. As you can see they are both blonde and blue eyed grrrr.

T – Television… I’m a sucker for the American TV, Revenge, 90210, and of course – The Big Bang Theory. Oh and the Kardashians, I can’t get enough.

They're all so shiny and perfect
One day I will be a Kardashian
U – Undercover – what you didn’t know about me… Every Wednesday I volunteer as a young leader for Liphook Guides.  
V – Va va voom – who gets my engine running… So this is probably where I should mention my boyfriend Nat, as you can see we are a beautiful couple. But also mmmmmm Rpatz yummmmy.

mmmm stubble

W – What makes me stop and stare… Sketchbooks. I love looking through other peoples books; they always seem to be so much fuller and more fun than mine boooo.
X – X-ray vision – what I would like to see if I could... I would love to see inside the mind of my dog for one day, all she seems to do is sleep and eat!
Y – Yummy, what I like to eat the most.. Oh golly, that’s a question… gunna have to be a snickers. And fajitas, I loooooveeee fajitas.


Z – zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep.. The bus, I am always the weirdo that jumps themselves awake mid journey. 

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