Monday, 14 January 2013

A - Z of Menai

A - Age: 17 years old and I will turn 18 on the 13th of july.
 B - Bravest thing I have ever done: Snorkeling in the red see and I thought I was going to cut myself on the corel, also the sea was really salty and it stung my legs. I was very brave that day.
C - Chore I hate: The chore I hate has to be hoovering.
D - Dogs or cats: I don't know, I have both. So both, I guess!
 E - Essential start to the day: Probably just trying to get as much sleep as I can untill I REALLY have to get up.
F - Fear: I have quite a few fears, but my main one would be eyes, like when stick their fingers in their eyes! Its gross! Ohh and wasps... And everything else!
 G - Geographical locastion that is important to me: Thailand - Koh Samui, this is because it is the most beautiful place I have ever been to and I have loads of memories from when I went there with my family 5 years ago.

 H - Height: 5 foot 2 1/2
 I - Instruments I play: I can play hot cross buns on the recorder. I think this is a valid achievement.
J - Journey, my best ever: When my parents spontainiously told my sisters and I that they were taking us to Disney land Paris the next day. It was a truly exciting moment and journey.

 K - Kick ass music track: Florence and the machine - you've got the love.

L - Lust after: Beyonce, she's my lady crush, other than that, Domino's BBQ base chicken and bacon pizza. YUM!

 M - Movie: Mean girls, white chicks and P.S. I love you.
N - Menz, Menzie, Men... Anything to do with men really ;)
O - Outrageous behaviour: I turn up to work pretty hungover most mornings. My bad.
P - Pet peeves: Doors being left open. It just gets on my nerves.
Q - Quote from a movie: "Nice wig, Janis. What's it made of?" "Your mom's chest hair!". - Mean girls ohh I could quote it all.

R - Recreational activity: Swimming, tennis and skiing.
S - Siblings: 2 sisters, both older than me, they're both at uni though so I miss them but they're defnitely not as amazing as me!
T - Television: My favourite TV show of all time has got to be friends.

U - Undercover (what you dont know about me): prople think i am a notural ginger but i actually have black hair.
V - Channing Tatum! he is amazing!

W - What makes me stop and stare: The song!
X - X-ray vision: Channing Ttaum naked, not gonna lie to you guys!
Y - Yummy (what I like to eat the most): The Italian delecasy that is Lasagne.

Z - Zzzzz (what makes me sleepy): Car journeys that are over 5 minutes long.

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