Sunday, 13 January 2013

A-Z of Olivia

Age- 18 (august baby).
Bravest thing I’ve done- I did some work experience in London helping out with a Next catalogue photo shoot. I managed to get to London by myself and find the shoot without getting lost. It was a big step for me as I was so nervous but it has made me more independent with travelling.
Chore I hate- Mopping the floor, I don’t really dislike chores. I’m a neat-freak so I like things to be clean and tidy, but there’s something really tedious about mopping a floor.
Dogs or cats- Cats especially the ugly hairy ones! but then my dog is an exception, she gets treated like a princess..
Essential for the day- an Inspiration boost, whether it be a flick through Vogue or a quick tumblr browse.

Fear- Open water, as beautiful as the ocean can look, my worst fear is to be stranded in the middle of it. I can’t even stand going below waist level into the sea!
Geographical location- I love London, a bit of a cliche but I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.
Height- Slightly over 5.4 I think, I’d love to be taller! I think that's what fuels my obsession for heels.
Instrument I play- Piano and a little bit of the violin.
Journey- Last summer I went to Singapore and Bali, it was the best holiday I’ve ever had. The journey to a completely new environment and culture was one I’ll never forget.
Kick ass music track- Kanye West- Power. I love Kanye, he can get away with anything!
Lust after- I don’t even know where to start! I really want the Alexander Wang Rocco bag, but I’m also in love with the Acne jumpers. Something I’ve been lusting over for a while now is this burgundy Celine tote.
Movie- Breakfast at Tiffany's hands down. I have watched it countless times and it’s the only movie that doesn’t bore me. I remember one day when I was ill it was on repeat all day (no exaggeration). Borderline sad? Very probably.
Nickname- I’ve never really had any nicknames, only abbreviations of Olivia. Although my boyfriend has been calling me pig for a while now, not sure if it’s cute and endearing or just plain rude.
Outrageous behaviour- Far too outrageous and embarrassing to share, most involve me having one too many and looking like a complete idiot!
Pet Peeve- A cluttered work space, I get all wound up when I don't have enough room or things are untidy.
movie Quote- The Devil wears Prada- ‘Florals? for spring? Groundbreaking’.
Recreational activity- Blogging, it’s pretty much all I do when I have free time.. &
Siblings- I live with my two half sisters, then in Liverpool I have 2 half brothers and another half sister, all of which under the age of 11. Very confusing! I think this is why I hate children.
Television- Sex and the city is my all time favourite.
Undercover- I have a crazy obsession for Miranda Kerr.
Va Va Voom- An Elie Saab dress design.
What makes me stop and stare- Pugs!
X-ray vision- I’d love to know what each person is thinking when they stand in art museums and inspect art work. 
Yummy- Avocado and pesto on bread!
Zzzzz- Waiting around, I’d much rather be doing something. I think I spend half my life waiting for buses or in queues.

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