Monday, 14 January 2013

A - Z of Daniella

A- Age
18 years and 8 months!!! time has really gone by

B- Bravest thing ive done
I guess this would be abseiling I am terrified of certain hieghts and that had to be a scary moment considering I had the thinest platform to land on

C- Chore I hate
Doing the dishes is one, as I'm the only one out of all my siblings that actually bother and tidying my room seems to take me ages!!

D - Dogs or cats
I would say I'm more of a dog person but i like them both, back home in zim I have 3 dogs and a cat!! love and miss them all!

E- Essential to start the day
I have to have a hot chocolate before i leave

F - Fear
I have a few fears... i hate spiders, they have eight legs and creep me out!! I'm afraid of certain heights and a very weird fear i have is one of  balloons, mostly having to blow them up and when they pop!

G - Geographical location that is important to me
Kariba Dam, its absoluely beautiful there and that place holds a lot of precious memories.

My dad likes to refer to the bottom right picture as 'the bait set for the crocs', even though it wasn't that big, with the heat it was good to get into the water even if it was croc infested at least there was a cage and on the bright side no one was attacked!! :)

H - Hieght
i think im about 5 ft 4... :s

I - Instrument I play
I can play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano.... if that counts :)

J - Journey
Last summer i went back home to Zimbabwe for a month, got to see my family and all my friends, enjoy the sun and relax!!! I had  a fab time!!!

K- Kick ass music track
I love  Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars at the moment

L - Lust after
I lust after a new phone at the moment and laptop cause my old one just keeps crashing :(

M - Movie
Hmm this is difficult for me to answer, I love so many, I couldn't just pick one. I'm a huge horror fanatic as well as the original disney movies, absolutely love them!

N - Nickname
Some of my family call me BamBam, apparently this came from when I was a baby i use to have a toy i used to hit people with. Others call me Danny, DJ, Nellie wellie, but most just call me Nella rather than calling me by my actual name.

O - Outrageous Behaviour
I dont really have an outrageous behavior I think... bet my brother would beg to differ though

P - Pet peeves
People who are too up themselves that they won't bother to listen to anybody else, they think what they say is right but dont keep an open mind to other peoples opinions... And people who can't clean up after themselves.

Q - Quotes from a movie
“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the from way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it.”- Rafki

R - Recreational Activity
I use to love swimming and playing pool in Zimbabwe but since being here I havent had the chance to so as much. I also love to read, my favourite form of escapism.

S- Siblings
It’s complicated, I have three ‘sisters’ and a ‘brother from Zimbabwe (Alice 18years, Nicole 18years, Nashima 16years and William 20years) and here I have four sisters and one brother (Shannara 17years, Sarah 17years, Mae 11years, Madison 6 years and Logan turning 5 years).... They can be a pain but love them all really!

T - Television
I  watch loads of tv but it consists of spongebob square pants, scoobydoo and disney, curtersy of my little brothe and sister, when i do manage to get the tv i watch criminal minds, supernatural, glee, got to dance and america's next top model.

U - Undercover
Ummm something most of you dont know about me is I am a bit of an insomniac...

V  - Va Va Voom
Who gets my engine running... hmm cant say i really have anyone.

W- What makes me stop and stare
Loads of things make me stop and stare, beautiful natural sights, interesting window displays, markets, fairs and big sale signs!!!
I really want to go and visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, lived in Zim and yet I have never seen them!!

X - Xray
If i could have X-ray vision, i wish i could see into peoples thoughts, it would be intresting to see the way other peoples minds work.

Y- Yummy
What i love to eat the most... hmmm i have to say Doritos!!! i think im addicted, manly live off of them at college!

Z - Zzzzzz
Well sleep for me is a luxuary if i get some, dont have anything makes me sleep...... Either i do or dont

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