Sunday, 13 January 2013

A-Z of Sophie

Here's the A-Z of me! 

AGE - 19, and my birthday is in October meaning I'm going to be 21 next year...Crazy! 

BRAVEST THING I'VE EVER DONE - I don't think I've done anything particularly brave... Worrying 

CHORE I HATE - Emptying the dishwasher. My mum constantly asks me and has become the bain of my life. 

DOGS OR CATS - Dogs all the way - no competition 

Look at these faces...
Meet Tilly

And Bramble 


ESSENTIAL START TO THE DAY - An episode of Friends, every single morning. The entire box set was the best present I have ever got and I have seen every episode at least 10 times, love love love

FEAR OF - I have a seriously irrational fear of people touching my neck, literally can't stand it

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION - South Warnborough, near Odiham, pretty little village 

HEIGHT - 5ft 7 and a half, quickly gaining on 5ft 8 which is pretty scary 

INSTRUMENT I PLAY - I got to grade 1 flute? Think that counts... 

JOURNEY - Last Summer, going to Tenerife with my most wonderful friends, never had so much fun and would do the whole thing all over again if I could!
KICK ASS MUSIC TRACK - Emeli Sande, Adele, Beyonce, they so fierce

LUST AFTER - A Rag and Bone fedora hat, and the entire wardrobe of Miranda Kerr and a Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag. Not much... 

MOVIE - Too many to mention but 13 Going On 30 has got to be one of my favourites and How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days, could watch both on repeat

NICKNAME - My family like to either call me Squirt, because I'm the baby but now actually taller than all of them so it doesn't really work! Or Babybell, because of being the baby again and because our last name is Bellchambers. But most people either call me Soph or Sophs. 

OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOUR - Throwing up into an apple bag (apples still in the bag, yummy) in Liv's car having been out the night before in Bournemouth and having just had a tour around Bournemouth Uni, not fun and not my finest moment. 

PET PEEVES - Negative people, always see the bright side! 

QUOTE FROM A MOVIE - Obviously the whole of Mean Girls and 'If your a bird then I'm a bird' from most romantic film ever, The Notebook. 

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY - I have a horse so I like to go out for a nice, country ride and I am pretty obsessed with shopping, as I'm sure you all are! Ebay is my new favourite thing and have made some pretty good bargains 

SIBLINGS - I have a brother, Tom and a sister, Kate. Both are a lot older than me and have medical jobs, Tom being a paramedic and Kate a children's nurse - I think their horror stories has forever put me off having anything to do with medicine! My brother did Foundation at Alton too so he likes to tell me lots of funny stories from 9 years ago 

Some say we look alike but I don't know! 

TELEVISION - Television is my escape. Favourites include Friends, Downton Abbey, Made In Chelsea, One Born Every Minute, One Tree Hill, Call the Midwife, Glee, Kardashians... basically anything with a bit of cheese, humour, drama or set around the forties. And I have just been introduced to Revenge, so bloody good, I advise you all to watch it. 

UNDERCOVER - I have quite weird OCD things, like the volume on the television or radio has to be on an even number and if there are two light switches together, they both have to either be flicked up or down, they can't be different! 

VA VA VOOM - Eddie Redmayne - need I say more...

And he models for Burberry, think of the trench coats 

WHAT MAKES ME STOP AND STARE - Pretty vintage shops

X-RAY VISION - To be able to see what animals are thinking 

YUMMY - My Mumma's roast, you can't do any better trust me, or a bag of Haribo Supermix. 

ZZZZZZZ - Just being in my bed, it has to be one of the comfiest beds ever! 

Bye for now! xx

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