Friday, 11 January 2013

Sian's A-Z

Yeah, so basically this is everything you need to know about me...!                                              

A – Age: 18 (In 2 days (I’m rounding up!!!)) Big party coming my way!!

B – Bravest thing I’ve done: Survived a car crash when I went skidding across the road when I slipped on ice. That was pretty scary! So much hate for driving in icy conditions now! 

C – Chore I hate: I don’t want to offend just one particular chore, they’re all equally as evil as each other.

D – Dogs or cats: Cats, although I’m allergic to both. 

E – Essential start to the day: Waking up is probably a good start...

F – Fear of…: Growing up. I literally just want to stay young forever. I can’t believe that I will be classed as an adult in 2 days! Still playing dress up at age 17... 

G – Geographical location that is important to me: The United States. My family have a massive group of friends here who we have always classed as our “American family”. I love them to pieces!

H – Height: 5ft 4.

I – Instrument I play: Most recently the flute and drums, although I stopped these like 2 years ago.

J – Journey – my best ever: My American uncles wedding in Germany 5 years ago. One of the most amazing weekends I have ever had.

K – Kick ass music track: Oh my god I have too many! Chris Brown – Look at me now, I have been attempting to learn all the lyrics to this since it came out... It hasn’t worked out yet. Also any song by Busted, my favourite band of all time!

L – Lust after: Am I allowed to say my boyfriend???

M – Movie: The Titanic. Every time.

N – Nickname: Sianie B. It was my bebo username, everyone at my old school used to call me it and its kind of just stuck!

O – Outrageous behaviour: Ohh god, I’m just a shameful person to be around when I get slightly too drunk.

P – Pet peeves: When people are seriously spoilt, don’t get what they want and then just assume that they’re they most unlucky person alive and that life isn’t worth living any more. Drives me nuts! Get over it!

Q – Quote from a movie: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” – Mean girls. I frequently turn up at my friends’ houses and yell this out of my car... Just for the lolz!

R – Recreational activity: I have so many, probably swimming, skiing and ice skating. I love all three and definitely don’t do them as much as I would like to.

S – Siblings: One sister – 2 years younger than me, a pain in my arse but I love her really!

T – Television: Friends has to be my favourite show of all time. I miss that.

U – Undercover – what you didn’t know about me: I collect Giraffe slippers and Hard Rock cafe drum sticks... Hardly anyone knows this!

V – Va va voom – who gets my engine running: My boyfriend just informed me that he would be most upset if I didn’t put him here... But other than him, Zac Efron, oh my god, how is he so hot?

W – What makes me stop and stare: Zac Efron. 

X – X-ray vision – what I would like to see if I could: I’d love to see the whole of the ocean and what goes on down there, I just think under water is so cool! Hahaa!

Y – Yummy, what I like to eat the most: Garlic bread and cheese (Not necessarily together.) (Just had to google pictures of this... My mouth is watering...)

Z – zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep: Gayle explaining our project briefs... (I AM SO JOKING!!!!) Being tired and a good chill out playlist on my ipod. 

Bed time for me guys, nightttttt! (Gayle you'd better be proud of me for doing this!!!) 

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