Sunday, 13 January 2013

A to Z of elli

AGE Nineteen years old, always the oldest because of my September birthday and this September I'll be the only twenty year old in halls missing home. Growing up too fast!

BRAVEST THING I'VE DONE I am genuinely terrified of roller coasters and a couple of years ago in Madrid on a school trip I was forced - kicking and screaming, well mostly screaming - onto the scariest ride of my life. I had a tiny strap holding me down as I was thrown threw the air, held upside down and at verticals all sorts. I never forgave my friends or my spanish teacher for pushing me to go on as the memory of it is still imprinted in my memory. I was also hit by a car once.

CHORE I HATE Feeding the cats, nothing smells worse than cat food - except maybe dog food.

DOGS OR CATS Cats all the way! I'm allergic to all animals more or less but cats I can deal with, they are pretty independent and don't slobber. I am also scaried of dogs, I was once attacked (ish) so it is a legitimate fear but even if I wasn't I would still prefer my fluffy black cat - Toulouse, name inspired by The Aristocats - over any dog.

ESSENTIAL START TO THE DAY I have to make my bed and put my make up on before I make a go of the day, nothing more than that but its the little things that make me feel prepared.

FEAR OF Well I have mentioned a surprising amount of fears already but as a real and upcoming fear is leaving for uni, I am so, so excited to go but the when the time comes I'm going to be an emotional wreck.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME Farnham, my home town is fairly important to me, its so homely and feels like mine. I also spend a lot of time in my bedroom with my sister as we share, its my space to relax but also work!

HEIGHT I am a mere 5ft2, stumpy is a good word to describe me.

INSTRUMENT I PLAY I used to play the piano, a long time ago now. So nothing... Much prefer listening to people that can play.

JOURNEY I love Reading Festival, I have been three years in a row and its not exactly far but the times I have experienced there mean the world to me.

KICK ASS MUSIC TRACK Music is a big part of my life so this is very tricky to answer but a song that always keeps me motivated is The Black Keys - Everlasting Light.

LUST AFTER A banging bod, similar to that of Beyonce.

MOVIE Watching films is one of my all time favourite things to do, therefore this question is impossible and I'll have to change it every time I watch a film. For me, recently, the Perks of Being A Wallflower was amazing, made me weep like a child. Remember Me is fantastic, pulls at every single one of my heart strings (as does Rpatz). I also have a thing for action films and horror films so I enjoyed Promethus and my guilty pleasure is Fast and Furious - Paul Walker is a god among men. ALSO The Dark Night Rises, I declared on Boxing Day that it was my favourite film in the world and that I would watch it every day for the rest of my life.  

NICKNAME I don't really have a nickname, as Elli is already shortened but I used to get called Queer - because it rhymes with Weir, and that was always a treat. One of my best friends calls me Ellz but it makes me feel very ill.

OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOUR Everything I do while drinking is slightly outrageous and extremely embarrassing. I always end up bumped and bruised.

PET PEEVES Being told when to go to bed, it obviously doesn't happen very often anymore but if my sister ever turns the light out without asking me first it never ends well. Also people not accepting my word as fact. Everything I say is correct.

QUOTE FROM A MOVIE "It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live" - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. "You once told me, our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch. Is that true for everybody, or is it just poetic bullshit?." - Remember Me. "Oh, no! You have found my weakness. Small knives!" - The Amazing Spider Man.

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY What I do to relax is draw, drawing is so therapeutic and I love the outcomes of what I draw when I do it for me instead of anything else. I also play the Xbox, I'm addicted to Sims and Call of Duty, especially my Christmas present Black Ops II.

SIBLINGS I have one younger sister and with only sixteen months between us and approximately two meters between us on a daily basis we are close in all meanings of the word. Even though she dislikes me strongly, in a playful way.

TELEVISION I love Made in Chelsea, don't we all? I also enjoy Girls on Sky Atlantic and I'm buzzing for series 2 starting on Monday if not just to hear this quote "I feel how I feel when I feel like it" ME TOO LENA DUNHAM, ME TOO.

UNDERCOVER I never know which side of me is hidden and which is in the open but there are two very different sides to me. One is extremely girly in terms of caring what I look like, appreciating the finer things in life such as cushions and fairy lights. The other is outrageously laddy, nothing do I prefer more than sitting down with my Dad and my sister to watch a horror movie, or playing on the Xbox and I love the company of boys, something about their sense of humour really clicks with mine. So thats me and my split personality.

VA VA VOOM There is a long list of men that take my fancy but the favourites have to be RyGo (Ryan Gosling) I absolutely love every film he's in, he's so talented as well as unbelievably attractive. Rpatz is standard, of my favourite all time men, so moody and piercing. I love a good jaw-line so show me a man with a solid jaw and I'll be yours.  (Ben Barnes, Joesph Gorden-Levitt, EDDIE REDMAYNE to name a few more!)

WHAT MAKES ME STARE I don't know if this means good things or bad things but good things is well dressed people! Some people really dress very, very well and it makes me very envious. I always stare at people that irritate me too, watch out if you're ahead of me on the photocopier...

XRAY VISION I sometimes suffer from out of body experiences, have strange "what am I doing?" thoughts in my head and a worrying amount of "who am i?" moments and I'd love to be able to see if other people do the same, to reassure me that I'm not crazy

YUMMY I am ridiculously fussy so when I like something, I really like it. Dominoes cookies are the best things I have ever tasted, unnaturally good tasting cookies.

ZZZZZZ I love falling asleep with the television on, only if I'm really exhausted; Family Guy; American Dad; and The Ricky Gervais Show are my usual choices.

p.s I can't upload any photos at home so I tried to make this more interesting by exhausting all my wit, hope it worked. Also I don't enjoy capital E's.

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