Saturday, 12 January 2013

A-Z of Jennnnnnnnn

A – Age
I am 17 and will be 18 in March! Wooohoo!
B – Bravest thing I’ve done
I performed for the very first time on my own on a talent show, it was nerve racking :/
C – Chore I hate
Vacuum cleaning,  the noise does my head in
D – Dogs or cats
I don’t have any pets but I love both dogs and cats…I think they are equally adorable. 

E – Essential start to the day
Brush, brush, brushing my teeth
F – Fear of…
Spiders and horror movies :S
G – Geographical location that is important to me
Hong Kong because it’s my hometown :)
Me shopping in causeway bay 
The view of HK from a mountain

H – Height
5’2 I think…I’m really short but I don’t mind :D
me on a fountain! ;)
I – Instrument I play
Keyboards, guitar and recorder (does that count?!)
J – Journey – my best ever
Hmm it would be going to cities like Oxford, London etc because it’s soooooooo exciting, there are so many things to explore 
K – Kick ass music track

L – Lust after
I like guys with beards, I find it really attractive..mmmm beard 
Johnny Depp's beard is sexayyyy 
M – Movie
All of the Disney’s movies!!!! No one’s too old to watch them :’)
N – Nickname
Jen, jen jens, jelly, jennu, jennaaai
O – Outrageous behaviour
I chicken ran once and almost got hit by a double deck bus :/
P – Pet peeves
I don't like people who complains about almost everything, like especially grammar mistakes that other people makes...chill dude, who cares if it's wrong or right as long as it make!? 
Q – Quote from a movie
R – Recreational activity
DANCE! Whenever I’m bored or stressed, I lock myself in the room and dance! :D

S – Siblings
Jamisa who is now 8, and Jeshil's 6 :)
I love them soooooooooooooooooo much <3 nbsp="nbsp">

T – Television
Friends! Fresh Prince of Bel air, So you think you can dance, and many more

U – Undercover – what you didn’t know about me
I can speak, read and write Chinese and Im a hugeeeeeeee Michael Jackson fan 
V – Va va voom – who gets my engine running one really :P

W – What makes me stop and stare
All kinds of stuff makes me stop and stare like...the moon when it's up during the day, paintings, animals, street art/performances, vintage markets in london and stylish people in Brick laneeee (I wanna live there!) 

Old Spitalfields market! 
Graffitis in Brick Lane 

X – X-ray vision – what I would like to see if I could
Go back to the past, not my past but like i wanna know what was it like to be a teen in the 60s or 70s :P 

Y – Yummy, what I like to eat the most
I don’t have a favourite; I love all kinds of food :D
Z – zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep
Homework. And boring movies.

c'yall on mondayyy :D xx

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