Sunday, 13 January 2013

A-Z of Chloe

A-Age: Been 18 since May and have a fear of turning 19.

B-Bravest thing I’ve done: climbed mt. Snowdon… not a massive achievement but I am terrified of heights

C-Chore I hate: a chore wouldn’t be a chore if it was enjoyable so all!

D-Dogs v Cats: Dogs, dogs, dogs, but only cause I have an amazing dog called Mouse who is possibly the greediest animal in the world, she has eaten a whole bag of flour and raw pasta which we left out not thinking she would find it appetising, a bin bag which she poisoned herself with and too many packets of chewing gum to count, but how can you resist them cute eyes.

E-Essential start to the day: Cuppa tea and ready brek is perfect

F-Fear of: House spiders and getting old…

G-Geographical location that is important: London, I will visit at any excuse and who cant love it?

H-Height: No idea how tall I am but it’s not very.

I-Instrument I play:…. None!

J-Journey: It has to be Bulgaria with my 7 besties last summer, I recommend Sunny Beach as the perfect holiday! Hopefully going travelling in summer to THAILLANND 

Me and my friend Livi parasailing in Bulgaria, I will count this as a brave thing to have done, seeing as the "company" were 2 Bulgarian men with some thin ropes, a rickety boat and a parasail. 

K-Kick ass music track- will listen to anything, at the moment it has to be Rhianna- Stay or Asaf Avidan- One day but Beyonce is forever on my mind.

L-Lust after: interailling around Europe, with a pair of raybans and a range of maxi skirts

M-Movie: Has to be DRIVE, not just because of Ryan Gosling, but it is a big factor, its such a good movie

N-Nickname: Chlo is my typical nickname, but often get ‘Chloooe Jaaayyyde’ cause it sounds chavvy and horrid, and at work get “Gyps” cause of my hoop earrings which I cant leave the house without.

O-Outrageous behaviour: climbing on the porch roof to wake my family up cause me and my sister were locked out at 4am, ended up not being able to wake them up or get down, we did manage to wake all the neighbours up though

P-Pet Peeves: people who bite their nails or eat too loud

Q-Quote from a movie: Has to be from Parent Trap, me and my sister who is now 20 believe we were meant to be twins and watch the movie all the time pretending we are Annie and Hallie… “Right down the middle?” “Right down the middle”.

R-Recreational Activity: walking the dog especially in summer, but shopping is high on the list, working at River Island doesn’t help the urge to buy clothes and sometimes I forget I’m on a shift and just start rummaging for a new outfit!

S-Siblings: One sister called Georgia who is 20, she’s studying physio at UWE Bristol and we are often mistaken as the same person- mostly by my own family. I don't think we look too alike but when we finish each others sentences is when they get very confused.

T-Television: Human planet is the greatest series of programmes ever made! Also I could watch any episode of Friends at any time of the day which is a bit worrying! Anything with David Attenborough or Kim Kardashian will do.

U-Undercover: I can’t say the word milk, it normally comes out melk which everyone seems to find hilarious

V-Va Va Voom- Ryan Gosling or I hate to say it Robbie Williams <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Also have a boyf called Harry who should be included in this!

W-What makes me stop and stare: Holiday brochures/ photos, england is just so cold!!

X-X-ray vision: definitely to know what animals are thinking, I just love wildlife, my wardrobe is worrying inspired by animal prints!

Y-Yummy: hot choco brownie.

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