Sunday, 13 January 2013

A - Z of Lauren

A - Age: 19 years old :0)

B - Bravest thing I have done: Nothing yet but I hope to do something brave in the future!

C - Chore I Hate: Washing up!! I hate it when you get all the bits floating in the sink!!!

D - Dogs/Cats: I dont have either but I love both!! Cats are so cute and cuddly (sometimes) and dogs are fun to walk.

E - Essential Start to the day: Breakfast!! My favourite is pancakes and maple syrup! YUM! YUM!

F - Fear of: Flying spiders, sick!! and gappy stairs, beacuse I had a dream once that I was climbing a high tower and fell through the gap!!


G - Geographical location: my house because I have lived there all my life!

H - Height: about 5,7

I - Instrument I play: I have never really properly played an instrument! The best I can do is hot cross buns on the recorder!

J - Journey: My best journey was to Rockley Park haven in dorset it was the most fun weekend ever!!!

K - Kick music track: Best song of all time would have to be Olly Murs - "dance with me tonight" always makes me want to dance!!

L - Lust after: A bedroom makeover!! I went to a vintage antique shop the other day and could have bought so many nice things!!

M - Movie: My favourite movie of all time has to be Johnny English and now Johnny English 2!!!

N - Nickname: My main nickname is Lozzie but I also have loz, lj, La-u-ren

O - Outrageous Behaviour: The worst thing I have ever done would be splitting my sisters eyebrow open!!....when we were little I had this crazy idea to go paddeling in the sink (why i have no idea!!) and as you can tell it enden in complete disaster!!!

P - Pet Peeves: My pet peeve is when people dont finish there sentences!! Especially when they make it seem like its something really important and then say "never mind" !!!!!

Q - Quote from a movie: "I shall call him squishy, and he shal be my sqishy" hahaha - finding nemo :0P 

R - Recreational Activity: Guiding!! I love helping out with the brownies every week!!, swimming, cinema, photography with my dads studio stuff....

Lauren James
S - Siblings: I have one sister her name is Katie and she is 16

                                                          Katie James

T- Television: I definetly watch too much but my favourite would have to be Miranda!!! and idiot abroad!! and I love Kirstie's Vintage home!!!
U - Undercover: Well it's not that extiting but I have a gunie pig called cookie
V - Va Va Voom - well all of the above really from this question :0P
W - What makes you stop and stare - Birds, out of place things like when people put stuff on statues or leave things in random places.
X - X - Ray Vision: If I had x - ray vision I would love to be able to look into the future at the winning lottery numbers!! and then I could win :0P
Y - Yummy: Biscuits especially chocolate chip cookies!!
Z - Zzzzzzz what makes you sleep - Wheeler Dealers!!!







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