Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Along with doing the colour project I have also been finishing a few bits and pieces for my portfolio. Mainly un finished work from Chichester College...

Here are some pictures of clothes and things I made there....

I also did a new photoshoot for the spinning tops project...

Really should do some more Brown work now :P

From Holly

Brown mood board

Here is my mood board. I still need to stick the resin I made on Monday on it...

Just realised this is the non stuck down photo, but anyway I will put a photo up when the resin is on it :)

From Holly

My red moodboard...

Here is my first finished moodboard as it is quite busy I am also going to do a really simple one to use up all of my red things...

by Lauren x


I officially love orange

Faith xo

Red Red Red

So here's my finished red mood board...

Rachel x

mellow yellow..

here's just a few piccys of my final mood board for my portfolio.

Georgia x

Monday, 30 January 2012

My pink moodboard!

So here is my mood board, its not stuck down yet as I didnt have a couple of things at college but will do it asap! I tried to make it so that from the top right corner it is darkest going down to the bottom left which is lightest.

My final mood board Green Jazzy

I think my final design but i might make another..

My mood board!

Heres my brown mood board! I've still got to stick a couple of things down .. couldnt decide whether to superglue or sew them on! Lizzie x

Lovely yellowness!

Yellow mood board!

Vickie x

Everything Grey

Mood board day
spent the day doing this mood board which lost enthusiasm (think thats how you spell it) as the day went on.

To the right is all the cool stuff that i bought in tiger to decorate my mood board and book with . EXCITING!

An below is my final images of my mood board i cant work out how
to turn it so it will have to do , sorry

http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/trends/2012-spring-summer/shimmer-and-sheen/gallery <<<< for my skirt partner hannah it has some amazing outfits in our amazing colour and there is lots on there for everyone else aswell.
Above is the amazing skirt by giles deacon that i am going to be talking about on wednesday .

Abby :)

Black is Dark...

My Final Moodboard:
Love Josie x

Bleak as Black!

When i first got given black i was excited but concerns, I mean black doesnt have various shades wheras other colours do. Anyway, the more i looked into it the morse things i found associated. And here is my moodboard...

(Sorry it would turn the right way :( turn your head to the right!)
I went for the simplistic look rather than complex and i prefer order rather than random.

Rachel A xxx

Blue Pony

Hey its Sally,
Was meant to be blogging this last night, but as I only just finished making my dress (bellow) at 2am, I wasn't really feeling the flow of creative writing. So this week I have been juggling two projects - finishing off the book project (of which I decided to make a book in the form of a dress for) and my new blue project. So here's a few photos of the making of my dress and what I was doing all day (and night) Sunday . . . Enjoy!?

Pin. Pin. Pin. Sew. Sew. Sew.
Have a good week everybody!! :)

The Screen Actors Guild Awards Spectrum of Colour

Why bother buying the latest copy of Heat magazine when you can mock celebrity fashion faux pas for free thanks to Livestream.com (if you exclude the cost of internet) in the comfort of your own bed  into the wee hours of the morning (yes this is what the insomniac in me was up to last night aha!).

So without further ado...


I think they got away with it this year...just about !

Sam x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Orange orange orange

Sooo, I got the colour orange! Initially I was a bit nervous, because most of the things I design are black, ha! But at least I will be able to, hopefully, create something happy looking :D 
I've been making lots of collages on polyvore, and I am actually really starting to like my colour now :)

So bright!
Faith xo