Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jen's igloo!

For my umbrella project, I decided to make an igloo which I have finished making now.

Here are some pics of the process of making :D


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igloo lighted up

I'm not totally loving it....It doesnt exactly look like an umbrella...hmm I'm thinking since it's the freezing season, maybe I should wet the igloo and leave it outside overnight or a couple of nights and hopefully it'd be frozen and look more like an igloo?! Too risky maybe?! hmmm :/

P.s igloo in Eskimo means house. So! Oui.

Jenny L xxxx

Louise Gray

Ok so I thought seeing as its unlike me for not posting in while, I would do a lovely lengthy one :)

ATM- I absolutely love Louise Grays spring 2013 collection! The prints thrive with energy- not only because the embellishment is fun and crazy but also because the movement created on the silhouettes is pretty fab with the contrasting pattens!You all probably know some of her dresses has been put on show space for top shop as well as her makeup. I really like her blushers and eye crayons- I own a blue and metallic crayon which i wear often.

spring collection for 2013 above and autumn winter 2012 below


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It will Take a Baby Elephant to knock over this bike

One of the most common accidents for motorcyclists is falling while turning a corner.
But what if the bike could stand up by itself and would take "a baby elephant pushing it" to knock it over?

The daily lama

Two humoursly linked photos if you think about it, gotta be interested by those glossy magazines

Monday, 10 December 2012

Dr. Michio Kaku

In a recent Big Think interview, theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku described the search for Earth's twin as the "Holy Grail of planetary astronomy." In the case of other potentially habitable planets, the next step after discovery, according to Kaku, is for scientists to "discern if we can find out what their atmospheres are like. Do they have oxygen? Do they have H2O?" Then send in SETI with their eavesdropping devices to "see if there are any radio emissions from intelligent beings on these planets."

Thursday, 6 December 2012

EJ's blog

I have created a blog, check it out please! Its not brilliant but its something to start off with :)

Just tidied my room and thought i'd upload a picture of my fairy lights yay!
19 days until christmas woooo!

Emma-Jane x

Monday, 3 December 2012

Turner prize 2012 win

This is worth looking up, it was rather surreal seein this, because when I went up too see this, it didn't make too much of a impression in me, I was wanting to see like fowlers film on mental health take the win

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Surprise Exhibition

So today i went down to Winchester to do some family shopping etc. etc. and when i went up to the libary i stumbled into the gallery and found these epic installation made of wicker and timber, and met one of gayle's ex students doin fashion at winchester uni.
but yeah these things are hench, litte wooden hideaways in the back of the libary

1/2 way there sonny jim.

 Umbrella is nearly done, not brilliant photo's but I have worked on this all day. I'm actually not very happy with it purely because it reminds me of my gcse work. I only like my screen printing. Anyway I hope you like it so far.


Screen printing!


 Stage 3 of my umbrella, after cutting and tie dying it! I fell in love with screen printing in the wasp project so from now on its my favourite thing to do :) As you can see here, its very vibrant and I wanted to portray the colours of an octopus as well as my print of the tentacles. Each panel is completely different, some has more orange than purple etc but its still yet to be covered in my shibori and beads! The detail is much better up close but i'm peachy as pie with this part of the outcome!

 I spent 4 and half hours printing this bad boyyy on Thursday and I'm just about to sew it all up! Will post in two hours or so  with the next stage :)

Enjoy the images,

Emma-Jane x