Saturday, 16 June 2012

FMP Space

Hi guuuuys! My space I don't have a fulll image but you'll get one on Monday! Or probably Tuesday :) here's the pictures I do have....
my food jars

collection jars with tags

pom poms, tins, bottle, plant I rescued from B&Q

my cupboard with my cushions in it

my table, placemats, cutlery, plate, bowl, and cutlery pot :)

I am actually quite happy with how everythings turned out, and now my essay is done, I'm just finishing off bits and pieces in my book :) 
but true relief will come Monday!
maddie xo 

DONEEEEEEEEEE waaahheeyyy!!

Fingers crossed I have now done everything except printing off and binding my evaluation!! yaayyyy!   Lizzie x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Finally Finished!!!

So I never thought this moment would come, but I have now finished all 26 cushions, yay!!!

all done!

loved being able to tick off the final few!!

R.C xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Philip Treacy!

Gayle I know you've mentioned him before, and I've only recently begun to appreciate what he does! HIS CREATIONS ARE AMAZING.... I've just been topping up my research for my sketchbook and have been looking a bit more at Treacy, and I literally adore everything he makes (apart from maybe his horrible pink wiggly hat for Gaga, boo) 
But everything else he has done for Gaga is beautiful, sometimes I wish I was eccentric too. Here are some of my favourite hats/masks he has made...

Amazing! And have a look at his catwalk at Ascot he did, I wish I could go - I need some class in my life!

Also, has you noticed...he speaks exactly like Luna from Harry Potter? 

Hannah x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Photo Shoot!

Thank you so much to my beautiful models Sally & Maddie, you have been so patient, committed and kept those faces and figures BEAUTIFUL! I love you both! Mwah! Here are the photos! <3

Looking forward to putting my exhibition up and doing the fashion show! Mwah! Hoping everyone's doing well and you're not too stressed! Loves xxx

Flo x

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hands down the weirdest thing I have ever done! just something for my book YUM!

My sister is now in my FMP! she is soo happy !
Vickie x

Monday, 4 June 2012

help needed please guys

possible styling for runway and maybe for the photoshoot too? what do you think? my lips and nose look really big too hahahaha

and also i can't decide between these two songs now?! HELPPPPP PLEASE would be much appreciated!




panic has started fmp will get done, just things need to stop going wrong! 
Hey everyone! quick update, this is my final dress completed! Yay! and just so you all know the fans were an absolute b**** to sew on, but i managed it! just now have to hope that they will stay on when I transport the dress to and from college! ahhhh anyway hope everything is going well for everyone!

Vickie xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Probably the last post I will do before I knuckle down for a week of pre- deadline work!

So been working very hard on all my photoshoots and I have two studio ones left to do...which I am starting to panic about as the silly man in photography said that the studios are shut ALL NEXT WEEK?! Which cannot be right as are we not meant to be having our class photo in there next wednesday..... DO. NOT. PANIC. 

I'll not post photos of the other two photoshoots I have done as I'd like to leave SOMETHING as a surprise in my show. Speaking of which, we got our spaces on friday! And look at mine - not too shabby, but I'll definately have to get some flooring to put down, look at that horrible bit of missing floor!! If anyone reading this had this space last year - be great to hear how you got along with styling it!? :) 

And otherwise - I have started making something that I didn't originally plan to make...And it took me AGES to get the hang of this as it involves a lot of very very precise sewing and glueing. The glueing I can do, but I am NOT a sewer as I think Gayle know very well ;) But these are not bad with a little instruction and help from my Mum.... 

And some decoration for my space... 

The leaves are meant to represent the Gold, Silver and "Diamond" forests that the Princesses travel through in the original story. I wanted to try and tie the original story back in with my modernized characters I have represented with my scarves, purses and masks, by bringing in important elements of the book! 

Hannah x

Shoe Update!

Yesterday I started making the straps for my shoes :)

Here is a photo of my shoes with a paper mock up of the final straps!!
This paper pattern can then be split in two and layed out flat so I can use it as a template for fabric :)

I did a longer post about them on my blog...

From Holly x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Do You Remember?

   Hey, its Sally. Just a quick posting. Just to ask do you guys remember Grace? She went to Alton college last year (in my year), I know some of your guys are friends with her. Anyway, I attended her magazine's launch in early May & have just blogger the photos ( can see all of them here ). It was a great night at the Piccadilly Institute & I found it really inspiring meeting all her new contacts & seeing just what she's achieved in a year! Was hoping this will inspire everyone! I am also working through editing all the (good) photos from the Westminster graduate fashion show that I was invited to last Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled as I will be blogging them very soon!

Find a time to BLOG!

1. How has the class blog benefited your own creative progress and ideas?
it has given me a look into other peoples work which i haven't been able to see as well as see how far along people are in projects and what i can take from their work and apply to my own and what i could add into my sketchbook. 
2. Do you regularly follow any specific blogs, and if so, why?
although i don't regularly follow other people (partly because i still have no idea how to use blogger and then they went and changed EVERYTHING around!) the blogs i have seen i have found very influential and makes me want to blog more and more exciting things, perticually photos. 
3. What have you gained from looking at other people’s blogs?                            how to present things better and what does and doesn't interest people. 
4. Do you think that having a blog/being part of a blog community has been useful in terms of your university applications, i.e. being able to showcase your work in a more professional way? 
there are many advantages of having a blog and one of them being that uni's and other people in the industry have easy access to work and to get a idea of what your about. its almost a way to advertise yourself and even get work from it.                                                            
 5. Do you have your own blog?
i do have my own blog and feeling very guilty that i haven't blog on it for a very long time... i think im going to work on that, i enjoyed it more then i thought i would have its more of a enjoyment now instead of a chore. 
7. Has having your own blog led to anything exciting yet?
not as of yet but im hoping when im at uni and can showcase much more exciting  work ill get soothing from it.
8. What do you like to blog about the most? Should it all be work, work, work? Why/why not?
 well at the moment it mostly college work but that's just becuase FMP is my life atm and i want to show people what i achieve beucase i have put so much work into it.
 here are some photos from my FMP i have now finished my dress, shoes and veil! woo all sketchbook and photo shoot work now, almost there. 

Georgia x


Madalena de Lellis Hutchings
(procrastinator turned textiles student where there is no time for procrastinating. Or even thinking about it.) 

How has the class blog benefited your own creative progress and ideas?
Since specializing in Textiles the blog has helped me in several ways; firstly, apart from one two week project, having never touched textiles before, apart from to cut up outfits for Barbie, it was both educating and interesting to read previous students articles about projects, techniques and general textiles life in college. Secondly, I followed only a handful of Foundation students into textiles, blogging weekly was a great and easy way to learn every ones names and what they were doing over the projects. Because everyone posts so frequently, it's easy to help out other students, and also to get help. If nothing else, seeing all the work other people are doing definitely scares you into working! 

Do you regularly follow any specific blogs, and if so, why?
I follow a couple of blogs on blogpsot, including both this blog and Gayles, of course. I follow other members of the textiles class because it's always good to know what other people are doing (this is mainly because I am nosey and like finding things out) as well as blogs on print, pattern, being organised, and a couple of beauty blogs. I love having the variety in my dashboard, it's so much nicer to have everything broken up and spread about the dashboard. Plus I think if it were just one subject the whole way through, I would get bored of logging on, but as it is, I check it daily. I am always looking for new blogs to follow! 

What have you gained from looking at other people's blogs?
Diversity in my ideas - it's just as inspiring looking at a fellow classmates work as it is researching a designer for a project. It gives me a different perspective of their work, as well as my own, and that causes me to go back and look at things and see them again, and change or add to them. One of the most popular things we have collectively made as a class during FMP would be bunting - we are mad mad mad for it, but looking through the blogs makes you realise how different each persons bunting is, how bunting is just a general term for something you can make work for you in any way. You can add pockets, change the shape, use colour schemes in a certain way...when you see the variety in what should essentially be the same sort of item, you reevaluate the other things you've done, to see how they could be more unique. 

Do you think that having a blog/being part of a blog community has been useful in terms of your university applications, i.e being able to showcase your work in a more professional way?
The blog is definitely something I have mentioned in interviews - it's something our class has that none other (that I've heard of!) do. If the interviewer gets the question in there first, I'll tell them about my blog and then about the class blog, because it's such a good example of dedication and essentially an ongoing online crit of your work. 
Quite a few university interviewers asked about a blog, so I think it is a good idea to start way, either at the beginning of BTEC/Foundation so you can document your progress in a more casual way - if the interviewer looked at your blog as well as your portfolio, they would get a really thorough look at how you work, and seeing as they are mad about the progress, definitely something extra to show them!

Do you have your own blog?
I have several! 
My Art Blog
(this is due for a revamp and a major catch up in the summer! stay tuned!)
My Personal Blog 
(filled with pictures and videos and thoughts and whatever I like, really)
My Rant Blog
(mostly about my mad Italian mother. actually, it's all about my mad Italian mother.)

Well, each of these blogs has come at a different point in my life. 
My personal blog was the first to be started - tumblr is full of interesting pictures and fandoms of Doctor Who (which I lovelovelove) Harry Potter, etc etc, and it was extremely easy to use, I could follow a couple of friends, I liked it. It hasn't developed much, it's just a place to leave things I find funny or pretty, but it is like a little safehaven, I can run away to it whenever I want. 
My rant blog was the next to come along - my mother and I have a mad mad relationship and people were finding the various things I put on facebook hilarious, so I started the blog. I'm sure people think I make it up, but I assure you, everything is 100% reality. 
Finally, my art blog. I had previously just posted pictures of my favourite pieces of art on my tumblr, but when I specialized in Textiles, Gayle, in all her infinite wisdom, assured us we would need blogs. And as I said above, from the university interviews, I definitely did! So the art blog was born, and I plan on catching up on everything after FMP!

Has having your own blog led to anything exciting yet?
Unfortunately, due to recent lack of blogging, my blog is lacking interest. Hopefully I will fix this over the summer and the people of the internet will flock to me, like shopoholics to a sample sale, but this is probably also wishful thinking, I will just have my lovely friends following me as I get over excited when I learn to use a loom (A LOOM!) in university. 
But who knows?

What do you like to blog about the most? Should it all be work, work, work? Why/why not?
Because I have various different blogs, I have categorized my blogs into what they will be about, but my art blog is by far my favorite, mostly because I like to showcase my work off, in a casual way, and I can write whatever else I like on there. 
Whilst most of the art blog is work, I put (and will be putting) other things on there, things that inspire me, artists/designers I am researching, videos, etc etc. You can really home your blog to perfection, make it sleek and flawless and showcase your best work up there, but I personally prefer to have a casual blog, where I can write about each project and individual pages should I want too, I like a blog full of mish mashed stuff that people can poke around in like an old vintage shop. 

FMP work.

my trip to the V&A

articles from magazines
 the difference between my chairs, painted and unpainted
the pine table repainted

 line the table with masking tape
line the rest of the table with newspaper
use craft spray to keep lace attached to table

cover lace in spray paint
wait a few minutes then peel lace off...
voila, lace effect table runner. 
this was my first attempt and it didn't work so well, but third time was the charm!

Research on fabrics

colour mood boards

watercolour drawing

line drawing of leaves (this later became my most important print)

analyzing images to be turned into prints