Sunday, 3 June 2012

Probably the last post I will do before I knuckle down for a week of pre- deadline work!

So been working very hard on all my photoshoots and I have two studio ones left to do...which I am starting to panic about as the silly man in photography said that the studios are shut ALL NEXT WEEK?! Which cannot be right as are we not meant to be having our class photo in there next wednesday..... DO. NOT. PANIC. 

I'll not post photos of the other two photoshoots I have done as I'd like to leave SOMETHING as a surprise in my show. Speaking of which, we got our spaces on friday! And look at mine - not too shabby, but I'll definately have to get some flooring to put down, look at that horrible bit of missing floor!! If anyone reading this had this space last year - be great to hear how you got along with styling it!? :) 

And otherwise - I have started making something that I didn't originally plan to make...And it took me AGES to get the hang of this as it involves a lot of very very precise sewing and glueing. The glueing I can do, but I am NOT a sewer as I think Gayle know very well ;) But these are not bad with a little instruction and help from my Mum.... 

And some decoration for my space... 

The leaves are meant to represent the Gold, Silver and "Diamond" forests that the Princesses travel through in the original story. I wanted to try and tie the original story back in with my modernized characters I have represented with my scarves, purses and masks, by bringing in important elements of the book! 

Hannah x

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