Friday, 1 June 2012

Find a time to BLOG!

1. How has the class blog benefited your own creative progress and ideas?
it has given me a look into other peoples work which i haven't been able to see as well as see how far along people are in projects and what i can take from their work and apply to my own and what i could add into my sketchbook. 
2. Do you regularly follow any specific blogs, and if so, why?
although i don't regularly follow other people (partly because i still have no idea how to use blogger and then they went and changed EVERYTHING around!) the blogs i have seen i have found very influential and makes me want to blog more and more exciting things, perticually photos. 
3. What have you gained from looking at other people’s blogs?                            how to present things better and what does and doesn't interest people. 
4. Do you think that having a blog/being part of a blog community has been useful in terms of your university applications, i.e. being able to showcase your work in a more professional way? 
there are many advantages of having a blog and one of them being that uni's and other people in the industry have easy access to work and to get a idea of what your about. its almost a way to advertise yourself and even get work from it.                                                            
 5. Do you have your own blog?
i do have my own blog and feeling very guilty that i haven't blog on it for a very long time... i think im going to work on that, i enjoyed it more then i thought i would have its more of a enjoyment now instead of a chore. 
7. Has having your own blog led to anything exciting yet?
not as of yet but im hoping when im at uni and can showcase much more exciting  work ill get soothing from it.
8. What do you like to blog about the most? Should it all be work, work, work? Why/why not?
 well at the moment it mostly college work but that's just becuase FMP is my life atm and i want to show people what i achieve beucase i have put so much work into it.
 here are some photos from my FMP i have now finished my dress, shoes and veil! woo all sketchbook and photo shoot work now, almost there. 

Georgia x

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