Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Falmouth Interview

Had my Falmouth interview today! FINALLY... All my interviews are over and I can relax. 
Thought I'd just write a bit about how it went cause I know some of you girls are going for interviews there on friday so hopefully this will help :) 

Well I was absolutely wetting myself with nerves for this one because it seems like such a big deal compared to the other uni's as it's much further to go but once we met with some of the current students in reception I felt much better about it as they were all lovely. There were about 13 of us in total (5 girls didn't show up) and we then went to one of the lecture rooms to have a talk with the course leader Di, which wasn't too long or boring so don't worry! :) She was very reassuring and made sure that we knew which group we were put into (groups of 3 or 4). 

Then as i was group 3, the last group, we went on a campus tour first and saw the accomodation and stuff and got to talk to the students a lot which was good even though I'd already seen it at the open day. Then went to go get a drink at the cafe and to look round the studios and see all the 1st and 3rd year spaces and look through their work, SO GOOD! Forgot how much I loved Falmouth and how amazing the facilities were.. :) 

Then we went to go have our interviews, which they were using a new technique for this year which they'd never tried before. They usually interview each student individually with just one member of staff but this year there were 4 members of staff, each focusing on a different area of the subject... One member of staff looked at your creative process in your sketchbooks, one at your essay and research work, one just generally through your portfolio to talk about your work and see your range of work and the last one was a 3rd year student asking why you chose textiles and why you chose Falmouth :) So they just rotated around the room and had 5 minutes each, with each student.
That sounds really REALLY scary I know but it was actually SO much better because it made you talk a lot more as you knew you only had 5 minutes with each person. Also it's reassuring knowing that if you forget to say something you can just say it to the next person to interview you. And instead of one person deciding if you get in, there are 4 different opinions :)

And now I just had to wait and PRAY and HOPE that i get in!! 

Hope that helped. 

Hannah x

Two random findings that may or may not come in handy

I happened to stumble across these websites by accident (well actually that's a total lie because I heard about one of them (the organisation) speaking about LFW on BBC Radio 2 or was it 4 ? last week. You've probably all heard of it and I'm the one who has been slow to pick up on it - why do I ALWAYS seem to be years behind anything current? 

The second finding is probably a bit more relevant to the textiles side of things, with fantastic DIYs that I can't wait to have a go at ( that's saying something, coming from me! ). There's even a post on a 5 day Istanbul Trip (oh the nostalgia)... Gayle is this one of your chums that we don't know about ?! 

I mean, c'mon how can one not love the website already with a name like that? 

And lastly while we have been so wrapped up and full of excitement with A/W 2012 attire, why not check out what's been going on across the pond : 

NYFW FW12 from lgoslett on Vimeo.

Sam x

Photo shoot for my skirt Beetley... or fairy like. Whatever it looks cool...

Oh heeey!

For once artists research has come in handy! Check out illustrator Alli Arnold's blog. Its really fun and not swampped too much in her cool drawings...

Rachel A


Hellooo :)
I am really happy that we have started the Brighton project!!!
Really love these AD's by Mulberry... Photographed by Tim Walker (LOVEHIM!!)...

Very glad to of finished the skirt project!
I haven't done my photoshoot for it yet but the pictures will be on my blog soon...

Very much looking forward to visiting the city of Fat Boy Slim on Monday :)
Lauren and I have already planned our visit which includes a trip to the Choccywoccydoodah cafe :) Mmmmm!

From Holly xxxx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I despise sewing machines and all they stand for

my mother is of no help at all, because lord forbid she should help her daughter with a sewing machine, no she'll just shout at me about it, NOT HELPFUL.

I am this close to kicking this sewing machine across the room.

This will probably be an all nighter tonight so I am off to cry for a while before returning to the sewing machine.

I refuse to hand sew this skirt. It will look terrible.

this is Maddie, by the way. 

peace. x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Right so today me and Georgia were very lucky as we got to go to London Fashion Weekend today, we went round all the designers 75% OFF COLLECTIONS, where I picked up a Twenty8Twelve top and very nearly some Junky Styling but I'm poor. Best of all we saw the Catwalk! (and got lots of freebies YAY) Which was full of beautiful collections and inspirations such as Holly Fulton, Jasper Conran, Twenty8Twelve (Sienna Miller's collections), Louboutins and tonnes more! The "Prim Rose" trend catwalk was my particular favorite and I was Oohing and Aahing all the way through :) Though typical that it would be the day my camera decides that it doesn't want to auto-focus so I had to very quickly manually focus my camera whilst the model was moving to take a photo! Pftttt.

Here are some of the best snaps I got from the day (with the back of some lovely heads)....


So pretty :)     And I'll try upload a video link soon! 

Hannah T

London Fashion Week(end) and a lil bit of my project.

omg! today was AMAZING! soo many designer clothes so cheap, only if i was rich! but grab myself a couple of bargains from twenty twelve and jager. the catwalk was so good and i now have a massive clothes crush on Holly Fulton's on her s/s12 its all so beautiful shame that the prices weren't reduced very much on her clothing.
here are some not so great pictures of the looks.

in these recent London fashion weeks i have found that there are alot of fruit jewelry and head pieces and in some of these looks the models were wearing large apple and grape headbands as well as ices cream.
and here are a few photos of my final skirt in the making. 

Georgia x

Red Update

So for my final skirt I have chosen to take apart a police forensic suit and use this to make a simple floor length skirt. My photoshoot is going to be an important stage to my skirt as it's when I am going to stage a murder/death scene in which I will use red paint to spray the skirt with 'blood'.

forensic suits that I am using

The isnpiration for this design came from Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer show in 1999, where model Shalom Harlow had to robots spray paint onto the white dress she was wearing. McQueen said that he was inspired by an instalation by artist Rebecca Horn, where two shotguns fired blood red paint at each other.

My skirt will have a performance aspect to it, which I hope will look quite dramatic. And for me this is very different to anything I have done before!!!

Rachel C xx

Please help me choose 2 photos

SO i wanted to re-shoot for this project but i dont think i will have time so please can you help choose 2 photos out of the 4 that you think are the best/strongest to go in my portfolio. Thanks :) Ruth x






Knitting is good!

I started knitting video tape for the waistband of my skirt, it is good...

Josie x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Finished my skirt!!! =D

Ive just finished my skirt for this project! Its a simple skirt with screen printed feathers and an extra detachable tail panel on the back thats covered in feathers! .... I think I actually almost died making this as I became allergic to the feathers, my throat was all tight and I was wheezing like crazy and had rashes on my neck .... but its all done now!! Lizzie x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

London Fashion Week

Its London Fashion Week as everyone knows so thought i would post about it .

Peter Pilotto ( amazing skirts and dreses in amazing prints and colours )

 Holly Fulton - All of the collection pieces incoperated a butterfly print in some way from suble prints like the skirt top left to the main focus of the pink dress bottom left . Love the vibrant pinks.

 Giles Deacon !
One of my favourite designers , The metallic laser cut dress and skirt are amazing along with the dress with the roses (i cant get the picture to move )  << got all the photos from this website its amazing it has all the designers from london fashion week and all the collection .

Also is an amazing blog type thing its really good for fashion and art

That is all