Friday, 24 February 2012

Right so today me and Georgia were very lucky as we got to go to London Fashion Weekend today, we went round all the designers 75% OFF COLLECTIONS, where I picked up a Twenty8Twelve top and very nearly some Junky Styling but I'm poor. Best of all we saw the Catwalk! (and got lots of freebies YAY) Which was full of beautiful collections and inspirations such as Holly Fulton, Jasper Conran, Twenty8Twelve (Sienna Miller's collections), Louboutins and tonnes more! The "Prim Rose" trend catwalk was my particular favorite and I was Oohing and Aahing all the way through :) Though typical that it would be the day my camera decides that it doesn't want to auto-focus so I had to very quickly manually focus my camera whilst the model was moving to take a photo! Pftttt.

Here are some of the best snaps I got from the day (with the back of some lovely heads)....


So pretty :)     And I'll try upload a video link soon! 

Hannah T

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