Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Loving London Fashion Week!!

Heyy, just thought I would update you on my life at the moment! I am currently about to soak the Willow for my skirt, so it's nice and bendy :) I am having a bit of a debate whether to soak the willow sticks in the bath or in the pond as they are really loooooong...?
I am most probably going to make a flat pack skirt so it has lots of movement and is easy to get on the bus :P

Final Design...

Without the side sticks... So it can fold down (hopefully)!

I am also trying to commit more to lookbook...

Hypes and Fans welcome :P

I am also trying to keep up with Fashion Week. There have been some really inspiring shows. Favourites so far have been Erdem, Simone Rocha, Sister by Sibling and Stella McCartney's flash mob show :) More info on my blog...

xxxx From Holly xxxx

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