Thursday, 9 February 2012

New & Exciting Happenings

Hey. Its Sally again. And this week my plan was to become more cultured! Now my thinking behind this was that universities like people with a bit of difference to them, who knows what and who is up & coming and what is going on in the world around them. So this week I decided to swap some of my norm and mix it up with stuff that before this week was mainly unheard of to me. So here were my exciting new discoveries.

Out with the - Lady Gaga :'( This broke my heart into a million pieces alone. . . and in with Stooshe, Soft Toy Emergency, Kimbra, Karmin and Aaron Delahunty. Now I had already heard a couple of songs from Stooshe and Karmin, but before this week, I had not heard a peep from the others. My particular favourite was Aaron Delahunty, who's Maida Vale session recording his song 'Fall on you' really grabbed my attention, with his beautiful voice. I was even more in love with him (I mean his music) when he replied & retweeted me :3 Yes I am sad enough to say that it made my day a little. . . 

From top left - Stooshe, Soft Toy Emergency, Kimbra, Karmin.

(Above) Aaron Delahunty and (bellow) our tweets :3
Out with the Charlaine Harris books and in with . . . 'Brick Lane' by Monica Ali. Time to change up my usual romance/adventure/happilyeverafter books for one with more depth. I have only just started reading, but this book so far has proved to be an interesting read, really painting the picture of a different culture to our own within a different era. Also on my trip to the library, I couldn't help but get carried away by also borrowing 'The Last Letter from your Lover' by Jojo Moyers, 'The Sisters Brothers' by Patrick deWitt and 'Half of the Human Race' by Anthony Quinn (pictured bellow).
Out with the - Vogues and Elle . . . And in with the - Elle collections (couldn't resist!!) and Wonderland. This little buy cost a fair amount compared to my usual subscription fees, however the collections magazine is always worth the money twice a year, to really know in some kind of depth just what has been going on during Fashion Week. Also, although some collections I had already seen on the internet, it is nice to have a hard copy where most of the main collections can be found in one place. I also decided to be adventurous, and look at several different magazines in WHSmiths before purchasing Wonderland for the first time. And it was love at first read. I really like the 'freshness' of the magazine, unlike Vogue or Elle which keep you up to date with the most popular, current designers and fashion news, magazines like Wonderland are there to help give exposure to the freshest of artists - whether that's in fashion, fine art, literature or music. And it just happened that this specific issue was the fashion issue! But I would definitely recommend if you want to change it up - and it has far less advertisements in than Vogue ;)
Once again a heartbreaking moment, out with the - Alexander McQueen :'( . . . and in with the - Lucas Nascimento, Ming-Pin Tien, David Koma, Roksanda Ilincic, Thomas Tait, Huishan Zhang, Simone Rocha. These are all tipped for big things and have each been nominated by The British Fashion Council for several different awards/scholarships. One is so fresh that she has only just graduated and shown her MA collection - this designer being Ming-Pin Tien. I particularly like her use of pure white simplicity to enhance the cut of the dress and the lines created by the pattern cutting, which echo the contours of the body.
Out with the - Fashion Toast (even though I adore her style!) . . . And in with the - Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations. I stumbled across this blog the other day after the owner of it tweeted me. And lucky I did discover it, as I think it is rather fitting, due to all the fashion illustrations we have been doing recently. Hayden has committed himself to blogging once a day with a new fashion illustration per day, and I personally think some are very effective. So check it out
 And my blogs.
Recently I have been neglecting my blogs, due to all my college work. But now that it is half term, I have decided to blog AT LEAST once a day on 'Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin . . . ' and once every couple of days on 'The Secrets of a Dress Maker'. So for today I researched the SS12 fashion trends, by reading between the lines of the SS12 ads (which took me 4 WHOLE HOURS). You can check that post out here
And on my dressmaking blog, I found my very first project I did for my foundation year, entitled 'Altered Images' where I (as the title says) manipulated old photographs of my family, using both manual and digital methods. So why not take a look here
So this blog post will of been my third of the day (and took 2 and a half hours to get the picture, sort the layout, write it up and fiddle about with making the layout all pretty yet again). So I hope you enjoy it and above all that it has inspired your cultural taste buds.

Sally Louise Paine

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