Sunday, 19 February 2012

My "Relaxing" Week. (p.s. not the sarcasm) by Sally Louise Paine

   So during this half term some of you have jetted off to Istanbul (lucky!!!). However I did not. Instead I have been stuck in snowy, wet, cold, dull England, for yet another week. However there were rare glimpses of blue sky at times, which as well as being slightly uplifting, it was quite in tune with my current blue project. Anyway enough small talk about the weather, lets crack onto the important stuff. As my title suggests, this week has been pretty crammed pack for me, with only being able to squeeze in ONE shopping trip!!! I know, despicable! But unfortunately I had a wall full of post stick notes all requiring my time and patience. So allow me to explain how a week off has formed into a week full on.
   Job # 1. Finish Portfolio & Do E-Portfolios. So Wednesday I had my mock interview after the lessons (of which you can see some of my dumb answers bellow), and after the pain of carrying my portfolio half a mile back & forth from the buss, I had to race home to finish my mini portfolio for DMU. Of which I did finish in time for next day post delivery. I finished 3 minutes in time to be precise. The funny thing is, once a deadline has been reached, you feel a massive relief and surge of relaxation overcome you. Every single time I say to myself "Next time I will be ready". And every single time I have overworked and am not. So what happens when it reaches a couple of days before my Westminster mini-portfolio has to be in? That's right a mad rush, which included racing down to the post office in my PJs! But fortunately I made the post again! This time, it did make me get myself moving for my LCF portfolio, as running out of the house in PJs, hoodie and no make up was NOT a look I EVER wanted to have to repeat. And bellow are some of my E-Portfolio pages.
    Job # 2. Interview on the 16th February at Ravensbourne. Now I had convinced my parents that I was fine with carrying my portfolio, sketchbooks and bag of general clutter on the train and tubes up to Ravensbourne, as I wanted to really relax alone and focus before my interview. No distractions, as I was already so SO nervous! I also remembered that the journey there was one of the easiest. So I'd be fine. Alas, all the nerves got taken away, when I was filled with stress. Luckily I had left myself 1 and a half hours to get from Waterloo to Ravensbourne (I know right, plenty of time!!), as when planning my route at 11:30 the night before, I had somehow neglected the North part of my location. This meant that the day of my interview I ended up in Greenwich (not North Greenwich). After realising my mistake & finding the correct route, I then lost the station at Canary Wharf! But luckily I made it to my destination in time. When my next time waster was set upon me. "Your interview will take place on the fifth floor" the friendly receptionist told me. Here I had two choices, take the obvious choice of the lift or take the stairs. Your probably thinking "Why the hell is this a problem, why'd anyone consider the stairs?". Well being extremely claustrophobic (after being trapped in a windowless, almost air-tight public toilet as a child for half hour because the lock jammed!), I would consider the stairs. Call me weird, but to me getting in a lift alone, with the possibility of it getting stuck half way up and not knowing when I'd see the sky again, is the definition of hell. So I took the five flights of stairs and ended up at my interview red faced and knackered from getting lost with a portfolio. The interview itself went well I think. The interviewers were friendly. They seemed interested in the half hour interview (meant to last 20mins). And seemed eegar to take my blog card. But who can tell! Now bellow you can see the distance of my mistake, and also some of the weirder questions and slightly dumber answers I gave. But rest assured, for every dumb answer, I gave five good ones!
    Job # 3. Do Loads For Blue Project. Now in between preparing portfolios and interviews, I have not had as much time as I would of liked on my blue project. But I have now gathered a whole load of blue materials ready for making my final thing and completed a fair amount of book work. Bellow you can see a collection of my initial designs for this project.
    Job # 4. A Blog A Day To Please The Unis. I set a task for myself this half term. That I would do a blog post a day on my main blog 'Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin' and at least one every three days on my dressmaking blog 'The Secrets of a Dressmaker' to bulk them up a bit. The theory behind this - when going to interviews and handing out my card with my blog on, it would be a good idea to have an up to date blog bursting with quality current post, for them to sift through. I also decided to start my own e-newsletter for my main blog, to be sent to each of my followers. So this week, my blog posts have included . . .
Two pieces on Mary Katrantzoue for Topshop collection, as well as their work with SHOWstudio
A post on the charity T-Shirts at Topshop designed by current and previous NEWGEN designers. 
 An anotational piece, where I have used this season's adverts to explain the SS12 trends.
 As well as three posts on my dressmaking blog, one about my acetate dress (design seen bellow), the second featuring my photos of my final collection from my summer extended project last year (one of the photos seen bellow featuring Flo as my model!) and finally my very first project from my foundation art course.
    Job # 5. Document London Fashion Week AW12. I have set myself the task to blog about LFW AW12, creating a catwalk report from each day, covering every designer. Last nights post took three hours to gather the information for! So I hope you read and enjoy it!
So that was my "relaxing" week off. Hope you all enjoyed yours & I shall see you tomorrow.
Sally Louise Paine

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