Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two random findings that may or may not come in handy

I happened to stumble across these websites by accident (well actually that's a total lie because I heard about one of them (the organisation) speaking about LFW on BBC Radio 2 or was it 4 ? last week. You've probably all heard of it and I'm the one who has been slow to pick up on it - why do I ALWAYS seem to be years behind anything current? 

The second finding is probably a bit more relevant to the textiles side of things, with fantastic DIYs that I can't wait to have a go at ( that's saying something, coming from me! ). There's even a post on a 5 day Istanbul Trip (oh the nostalgia)... Gayle is this one of your chums that we don't know about ?! 

I mean, c'mon how can one not love the website already with a name like that? 

And lastly while we have been so wrapped up and full of excitement with A/W 2012 attire, why not check out what's been going on across the pond : 

NYFW FW12 from lgoslett on Vimeo.

Sam x

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