Sunday, 5 February 2012

So BLUE I Practically Feel Like A Smurf!!

 Blue : The pure colour of clear sky; the primary colour between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm. Blue. The colour that I later found was almost impossible to link anything natural to. Yes, we may see the bright blue in the sky or the clear blue of the sea, but if we tried to bottle that blue, what colour would we collect? Transparency and a glimmer of colour reflected from it's surroundings, as the sky & sea are only reflected that jewel blue colour. You may question "what about a bluebell?", and if you did then the name has deceived you, as the flower is more lilac than blue. However, REMEMBER i said almost impossible. What about a person's eyes? The electric damsel fish? A blue jay bird? And not to forget the forget me nots. This was the beginning of my list of blue.
As a visual aid my list I decided to take my SLR out on a rather blue journey, and I discovered many things blue around the college campus, including the sky . . .
 Eyes and nails . . .
 And jean.
My next stage was THE MOODBOARD. And as I wanted to perfect this piece for my portfolio, I decided to grasp some extra knowledge from professionals on the web.
And after creating several compositions of moodboards I annotated and . . .
 Asked opinions on my blog, facebook & twitter, to ensure my final choice was not fully biased on what I found the most effected, swayed by how long it took to piece together. Also asking others not only allowed me to grasp what was overall the most effective, but I received ideas on how to improve elements too.
 And this was my final choice.
 Another important stage this week has been the designing. But before I did my initial 10 designs, I wanted to research what skirt/dress designs were already available from the SS12 catwalks.
 With all my research behind me, I was ready to design my initial 10 (with the help of my fancy new art pens that set me back a high price this weekend!!!). The first inspired by waves, second by a cloudy sky, third by a Junior Monopoly house, fourth by a gift bow . . .
 (woops I think the page moved while taking the photo here!) And some more designs (from left to right) inspired by an envelope, blue m&m's, a rose&strawberry (shall explain further on) and a peacock's feathers.

And finally this was inspired by the idea of a star's explosion in space (which can sometime create a bright blue gas). And yes I know that only makes 9, however I am just waiting for a 10th, extra exciting idea to spring. Although so far I think my favourite design idea would be the one based on the rose & strawberry. How does this link into blue? You may ask. Well, when searching 'blue objects' on Google images, the photos of blue roses, strawberries, kiwis and rice came up!!! This made me reconsider what I thought of when I thought of my colour blue. With the use of dyes these days, we can manipulate anything into any colour, such as blue! Of course this is unnatural, but this could also inspire a fabric choice for my skirt. If I chose this design I could use only man made fabrics, perhaps some with quite a shiny or plasticy surface to enhance the unnatural aspects.
And on that note, I think I will finish tonight. A cliff hanger, until next time.
Sally Louise Paine.

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