Friday, 17 February 2012

We're back from Istanbul! (well actually we got back on Monday but I've been pretty much sleeping/working since) 

It was such an amazing trip and I genuinely just want to go back and stay for an extra week! Thanks for Ivan for organizing it for us all it was so worth it :) It was great being out every day, and out the door by 9.30 latest, I've seen Mosques, been on a boat trip along the Bosphorus, shopped in the Grand Bazaar and seen the Whirling Dervishes. 

And when I say I've seen the whirling dervishes, I mean I fell asleep during the performance, oops. But no fear, I did open my eyes JUST long enough to see them spinning. 

And I am now obsessed with Apple tea and can't stop saying "Hello pretty lady" in a really bad Turkish accent ALL the time :) Also so nice to get to know people better and I love youuuuuu all! Here's a couple photos from the trip!

my suitcase before it was scattered about several rooms

 Grand Bazaar before I stopped taking photos because creepy men kept getting in my way.

 Beautiful Ceiling

In the snow outside the Blue Mosque

 Rach's sexy sarong she had to wear for being inappropriately dressed GASP

 Viki and her lemon shisha

 What we got up to every evening...

 Istanbul Modern - basically their Tate

 Another Mosque ;)

 Pip taking inspiration from the Whirling Dervishes, using a bin!

And that was our holiday :D 

Hannah T

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