Friday, 24 February 2012

Red Update

So for my final skirt I have chosen to take apart a police forensic suit and use this to make a simple floor length skirt. My photoshoot is going to be an important stage to my skirt as it's when I am going to stage a murder/death scene in which I will use red paint to spray the skirt with 'blood'.

forensic suits that I am using

The isnpiration for this design came from Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer show in 1999, where model Shalom Harlow had to robots spray paint onto the white dress she was wearing. McQueen said that he was inspired by an instalation by artist Rebecca Horn, where two shotguns fired blood red paint at each other.

My skirt will have a performance aspect to it, which I hope will look quite dramatic. And for me this is very different to anything I have done before!!!

Rachel C xx

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