Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Falmouth Interview

Had my Falmouth interview today! FINALLY... All my interviews are over and I can relax. 
Thought I'd just write a bit about how it went cause I know some of you girls are going for interviews there on friday so hopefully this will help :) 

Well I was absolutely wetting myself with nerves for this one because it seems like such a big deal compared to the other uni's as it's much further to go but once we met with some of the current students in reception I felt much better about it as they were all lovely. There were about 13 of us in total (5 girls didn't show up) and we then went to one of the lecture rooms to have a talk with the course leader Di, which wasn't too long or boring so don't worry! :) She was very reassuring and made sure that we knew which group we were put into (groups of 3 or 4). 

Then as i was group 3, the last group, we went on a campus tour first and saw the accomodation and stuff and got to talk to the students a lot which was good even though I'd already seen it at the open day. Then went to go get a drink at the cafe and to look round the studios and see all the 1st and 3rd year spaces and look through their work, SO GOOD! Forgot how much I loved Falmouth and how amazing the facilities were.. :) 

Then we went to go have our interviews, which they were using a new technique for this year which they'd never tried before. They usually interview each student individually with just one member of staff but this year there were 4 members of staff, each focusing on a different area of the subject... One member of staff looked at your creative process in your sketchbooks, one at your essay and research work, one just generally through your portfolio to talk about your work and see your range of work and the last one was a 3rd year student asking why you chose textiles and why you chose Falmouth :) So they just rotated around the room and had 5 minutes each, with each student.
That sounds really REALLY scary I know but it was actually SO much better because it made you talk a lot more as you knew you only had 5 minutes with each person. Also it's reassuring knowing that if you forget to say something you can just say it to the next person to interview you. And instead of one person deciding if you get in, there are 4 different opinions :)

And now I just had to wait and PRAY and HOPE that i get in!! 

Hope that helped. 

Hannah x

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