Sunday, 19 February 2012

my not so relaxing week!

Well there's no way I ever would have beaten Sallys week anyway, but I have managed to do some work, alongside having what I think was a pretty good interview at Bucks, yaay :) 

Andie interviewed me - course leader! pressure to impress! D: - and she actually loved my portfolio (either that or she's a very convincing liar) and everything in it - including my drawings, but she just wanted to see MORE of them, so I've updated my blog and will continue to do so this week with the abundance of drawings I will be producing. They would have been produced this week, but nooooo. 

So without further adieu, this weeks DRAMA for me.....I wrote my car off. 

Dramatic enough? I definitely cried enough. And ok, I am actually still driving it - shh I may delete/edit this post if needs be - but it is heading to the scrap this week or next. Wahhhhhh.

So here is my thrilling tale. 

Driving in the village behind my house, literally two minutes behind, I was going to climb this giant tree and take some photos to turn into double exposures, listening to some Ben Howard, sun is out, I am happy, singing along, not a care in the world enter THE DEER. 
The adorable evil thing just sauntered out onto the road like HI I LIKE YOUR CAR OH NO WAIT IT'S COMING AT ME MAKE A BREAK FOR IT (include deer noise here) (do deers even make a noise?!) 
Don't worry you animal lovers, the deer is alive and well, probably bragging about it's epic tale of survival to all its deer friends. I clipped it, I mean, I felt the car hit it, but I was doing 40 and braking, so the little git ran off. 
I however started to swerve YES I KNOW YOU SHOULDN'T BUT MY GOD THAT DEERS FACE, I COULDN'T HIT THAT and KABAM hit the hill/mound thing. It was hard. My car didn't like it. 
Looking back, I am so glad I hit the bank, because if it hadn't been there, I would have hit the giant tree trunk behind the bank and that scares me. 
So at this point I actually wasn't too bad, I was like wow that mound came at me really fast like in star wars where the stars zoom by yknow, it went really fast but really slow. So I reversed out, drove down the road a bit and then thought hmm I wonder if I damaged the car, I mean I wasn't going that slowly but who knows...get out the car and OH DAYUM. 
Goodbye to the left sidelight and end of the bumper! 
My ma took the car into Nissan where they told her the driving shaft is sticking out of the car, the wheel bearings are gone, my accelerator cable has a problem, as does the engine with petrol, and my two front tyres are starting to bald. 
So goodbye Howard :(

I hope my epic tale thrilled you all. If not then you should have stopped reading long ago. 

See you all tomorrow unless this cough gets the better of me, I am back to coughing my lungs up :( 

M x

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