Wednesday, 22 February 2012

i am a white skirt

sorry i haven't blogged much recently everyone, been busy with istanbul and birthdays etc. 
but heres a post for you. went into college today to start some screen printing (although i don't really know what my skirt is going to look like yet? ahhh) and I've never done screen printing before! it was okay once i realised i was using paper inks instead of fabric ones, but it gets a bit repetitive, but here are some of the prints i created for my final skirt!

i really like both the black and white and i was thinking i could maybe do contrasting panels? but i still need to make my toile which i will do tomorrow because i have no idea how to do it haha. 

although i know i definitely want to create a voluminous a line skirt, so maybe some under wiring or something needs to be applied!

from pip x

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