Monday, 6 February 2012

the white skirt might not be so white

after being stuck i think I've come up with an idea thats good enough, oh and also i never blogged about my mood board etc...

so heres my white title page in my book, i used the pose that agyness deyn is doing to create my initial design figures.

heres my final mood board! i wanted to keep it simple like the colour is, and for my favourite idea i took inspiration from chalk.

looking at these seasons skirts and dresses and how they've used white in texture, shape and surface design. i looked at giambattista valli and elie saab's couture 2012 collections.

so returning to the chalk idea. i thought what is chalk used for?! writing on a blackboard of course! (clever huh?) so i thought i could create a black skirt (the shapes below are no where near final i don't even know anything about what my initial designs are) like a blackboard and have a white text printed over the top to be made to look like chalk saying 'i am a white skirt' over and over in messy handwriting keeping it literal and straightforward, but using white in a more unusual way and also creating a white skirt but its not.

id been playing with rubbings of text to get an idea and realised it reminded me of the old louis vuitton prints, but i want my text to be slightly less graffiti style!  

see what I'm getting at? i might be onto something! oh and also for the bit not used as fabric bit i could cover fabric in blackboard paint and have the model writing 'i am a white skirt' on the skirt herself?

now i need to create some illustrations (that i don't keep throwing away and that I'm actually happy with) to finalise the shape of my skirt, i think the larger span that the print would spread across the more impact it would have? 

from pippy

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