Thursday, 30 September 2010

Here it is with text;

Also; here is an image with a tonal overlay, simply faded a bit in the first image, and for the second I have filtered it and added the word 'pest' if you can see it?, I quite like these Photoshops, it's easy to do multiple pieces of work in a short amount of time :)


Quick Post Again

Literally just wanted to share a piece of Photoshop; it started as a mono-print, I then removed most of the image, placed the actual photo behind it and merged the images. Took the original mono-print scan and opened it again seperately, copied the new image and placed it over the mono-print. I then merged those layers, and added a Filter called Grain, with 39% Intensity and 59% Contrast. For some reason at the moment, if i'm not careful my Photoshop will automatically convert the image to black and white when adding a Filter. However I quite like the end result and thought I would share it :D

Jenny :)

Thinking of adding text to it? :)


Yesterday we visited London to go see a craft fair called "Origin". The whole exhibition was really well laid out and I found all of the work interesting to look at because it was nice to see such a range of work such as ceramics and textiles.

I thought i would share some of the artists who i found interesting:

I really liked Morpeths hand made books and her exhibition was visually really exciting and I liked her ideas as they were really original and well crafted. She used a range of different medias and they were really decorative and interesting.

I found these tea cups really unique looking and classic and they had a real vintage feel which I really like and I liked the range which she exhibited. The detail is also very pretty and I think they are really lovely pieces.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Feeling more inspired

I thought, seeing as my last blog was a little breif and not so enthusiastic (as i realllly wasn't getting this project) i thought i would let you in on our little trip to London. Spitalfields is one of my favourite places to visit when in :London as i adore the vintage boutiques (beyond retro on cheshire street is my favourite) and Leon is a great places for lunch - brilliant for people watching as Amy and I were doing today. Therefore i was excited when told we were visiting with college for the craft fayre Origins.

Please excuse my photos because I am a fashion student not a photographer! although i thought i would share these with you as i think it sums up the area well.
As for Origins; i thought it was quite good but could have been bigger and i think i was a little dissapointed as i excpected it to be more hands on and less of an exhibition. Alot of the art i felt i had seen before however i was amazed by the work of Fenella Elms - it was new fresh and very interesting. Take a look!! -

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My fuzzy creation ...

Hiya! Hanna again. Still working from home. So now we're into the 3D stage, i'm really getting stuck in. Got a great idea for my main 3D piece but stay tuned for that one. So I got bored at home and felt creative. This is the result ...

My new fuzzy friend  :)

I created this little creature using old, screwed up reciepts (evidence of my shopping problem ... sorted.), masking tape and then wrapped velcro around it to give a nice, fuzzy, interesting textured feel. Cause wasps are kinda fuzzy. I have a plan to find some yellow felt or fibrous material and see if I can stick some to the velcro to make yellow stripes but that's another mission ...

My new family member :)

Hiii everyone this is Abi, ive finally come round to posting my first post, so here it is :) This is my first attempt to making anything 3D properly. My wasp is covered in pattern paper and the wings are made from tissue paper thats been stiched. Im very happy on my outcome, esspically as its smiling, which wasnt intended!

Busy bees

Hello its Emily making my first blog. Thought I would add pictures of everyone working on their 3D wasps.

My over sized wasp. I missed the talk about it being small. :/

Monday, 27 September 2010

Hey : )

Hey this is Lucinda and I'm also doing the wasp project. These are a couple of drawings I did from my wasp. The first image is done in charcoal pencils and the second is done in just pencils.

These are a couple of gold cards I created from my drawings above.


A few photos I have taken of a bee and hover fly in my garden :)

umm wasps?!

Hii, I'm jess. Funily enough i've been looking at wasps too. This is just a random collage i did to represent the different textures of the insect.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quick Post :)

Hey, it's Jenny :)
After our crit. last lesson our teacher suggested I put up some of the work i've been doing; so here goes!

These are both heat transfers; they weren't originally as vibrant as this, however when I scanned them into the computer, I lowered the brightness and increased the contrast; giving a much more colourful result.

This is my first mono-print I have done; completely un-edited. However I plan to change it, perhaps using Hannah's idea of placing the original image behind it, before then working on it further.

As we are expected to do research into artists; from which we create responses. I have started to do one after looking at Terry Gilliam's work (the artist for the Monty Python series, among other things). His 'foot' drawing, done simply in fine liner, inspired this first piece, and other drawings of his which go into further detail (adding colour) have inspired me to continue with this drawing, and later add colour to it; this is it so far.

Hope you like what i've done so far :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Hellooo! this is Nancy, I thought I would share some of the pictures i've been taking of my wasp. I am actually really pleased with them because they have come out really well from all the different angles, I especially like the ones of the face because you can see all the detail so well.

Here I also thought it would be interesting to add some text onto the picture and I used a dictionary definition of a wasp and just overlayed it and played around with the different sizes.


To create this I used a programme called Poladroid where I added an image I had already created that was saved onto the computer.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ok, here goes ...

Hey, i'm Hanna. Bear with me, this is my first experience of blogging ... ever. I'm currently ill with EBV and Glandular fever, so i'll be spending most of my time working from home, wrapped up in my dressing gown and slippers. However, I will be popping up here now and again as I am under strict instructions from my lovely tutor. So for now, here is a top I created using Photoshop, fabric transfer printing paper and my amazing (*cough*) ironing skillzz.

Hi i'm Amy and i did this photoshop of a wasp. I got the idea from a previous project where i created a similar image, it just was of a shoe instead.


Hey I'm Hannah this is my first blog. We are working on a Wasp project and this is a Photoshop piece I did on a collage I did in my sketch book.