Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Feeling more inspired

I thought, seeing as my last blog was a little breif and not so enthusiastic (as i realllly wasn't getting this project) i thought i would let you in on our little trip to London. Spitalfields is one of my favourite places to visit when in :London as i adore the vintage boutiques (beyond retro on cheshire street is my favourite) and Leon is a great places for lunch - brilliant for people watching as Amy and I were doing today. Therefore i was excited when told we were visiting with college for the craft fayre Origins.

Please excuse my photos because I am a fashion student not a photographer! although i thought i would share these with you as i think it sums up the area well.
As for Origins; i thought it was quite good but could have been bigger and i think i was a little dissapointed as i excpected it to be more hands on and less of an exhibition. Alot of the art i felt i had seen before however i was amazed by the work of Fenella Elms - it was new fresh and very interesting. Take a look!! -

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