Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quick Post :)

Hey, it's Jenny :)
After our crit. last lesson our teacher suggested I put up some of the work i've been doing; so here goes!

These are both heat transfers; they weren't originally as vibrant as this, however when I scanned them into the computer, I lowered the brightness and increased the contrast; giving a much more colourful result.

This is my first mono-print I have done; completely un-edited. However I plan to change it, perhaps using Hannah's idea of placing the original image behind it, before then working on it further.

As we are expected to do research into artists; from which we create responses. I have started to do one after looking at Terry Gilliam's work (the artist for the Monty Python series, among other things). His 'foot' drawing, done simply in fine liner, inspired this first piece, and other drawings of his which go into further detail (adding colour) have inspired me to continue with this drawing, and later add colour to it; this is it so far.

Hope you like what i've done so far :)

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