Monday, 31 January 2011


sorry, you're getting bored of me I know but... all my posts are are available far more prettily on my blog; so...follow me :) x

Necklines for the city...

Cowl necks are one of the most flattering and elegant neck lines HOWEVER the second you hit public transport they are no better than a bib for yourself AND everyone else in the underground carriage at rush hour drawing in sneezes and pie crumbs from every angle!

The real reason I was in London however and the real reason for this post was because I visited the Barbican Centre to view the Future Japanese Fashion exhibition there! It was amazing and I came away so inspired! With a strong interest in trend forecasting I loved to see the way in which Fashion has progressed and in particular to see how the lines and cuts and palettes of (for example) 80's Japanese couture which were so radical to the point of being confrontational to western design then, would still be considered modern and stylish today. A lot of the inspiration for the works displayed there came from traditional Japanese dress (ie. The Kimono) and it really highlighted how drawing inspiration from a historic source can give a garment such longevity.

Another technique I saw and loved was to create pattens on both the fabric and the body with cut-work, creating (when light was passed through) a dappled shadow on the skin reminiscent of a Kimono's floral prints. The way in which many of the designers viewed this relationship between the garment and the figure really drew a chord with me and my interests in bespoke design. Also I found it so interesting the way they same clothing almost like sculpture, not just in the structured nature of the design but, to be worn and draped as a still concept, looking at it's best when hung on a stationary figure as opposed to the more western idea of how the fabric and design reacts around a moving figure and in movement.

The best bit of all however which you CANNOT walk past (although it is always very tempting when there isn't a seat free) is a video interview and review of collections as you walk out. The ideas expressed by the designers as they explain some of the concepts behind their designs is so interesting and seeing the contrast and progression in their designs throughout time is amazing! Seriously, I want the DVD!

Anyway it finishes a week today so get on it! And buy tickets in advance from for 8 as opposed to 10 on the door! Just...wear a high neckline!

a hot date with the TATE

Some of us started a collaboration with the TATE and other major international museums and schools today as part of the 'Turbine Generation' initiative. WOW. It was actually amazing fun! No where near the slog of research I expected it to be. Every task we were set was so visual and interactive I loved it!

First we were asked to design, make a model, and pitch a concept to fill TATE modern's turbine hall. Like the unilever artists who have exhibited there we needed to consider the use of space, light, acoustics, interaction, visual impact, physical impact, inclusion of a mezzanine deck...phew! As a group of four (Toni, Tedi, Rob and I) we came up with the idea of filling the space with typewriters on old-fashioned school-room/ exam desks. Each typewriter would have a huge spool of paper attached and throughout the day people could come and sit and type their thoughts, at the end of the day the papers would be gathered and filed in archives on the mezzanine along with a selection of the days news papers and visitors could read through people thoughts and reactions.

The next project however was really the best, each group decided on tasks or instructions and wrote them on a piece of paper which was then picked at random from a box by another group. We set the task of stopping in a moving crowd and lying down to then capture peoples reactions. The task we picked however was to film us following strangers making humming noises. This soon grew to harmonies and eventually songs with some fantastic accompanying dance moves from Toni ;) We literally didn't have a single shot which didn't end in us all just collapsing in hysterics! The best bit though was as soon as you got a funny look you could just shrug your shoulders and say "it's art".

Sorry to post yet again...

On tumblr I saw Hanna reblog a image from this persons blogspot: and just had to post her blog on here!

The images are just beautiful!



It's Lucinda and I've decided to follow this blog: on here! :)

I love the variety of techniques that are used, uniqueness (if that's even a word!)


did the tate thing today ..well random. enjoyed it though all you bums that didnt do it have missed out i'd say.

and now im annoyed and dont want to write any more becos what on earth has happened to this bloody blog website ? why is it now called blogger ? where have all my options up the top gone ? and what is going on. im not pleased with this why when i compose my message does it just show a jumble of AFIHERGZ::"!@$!Q$ and stuff until i "publish my post" ? WHY is this. why is everything going down hill !!!

calmed down a little now and the image ive uploaded is cos i love the way the net-a-porter online magazine does stuff. (oh yeh its an image from the mag i just realised thats not obvious) you should all look at it its very cool and also i love the awards season because i love the dresses and errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oh yeh im going to follow british beauty blogger and be well different cos the makeup and creams she tests and stuff are just siiiiiiiiick and she analyses all this stuff about hair removal and permanent at home hair straightening and rah rah rah im sure everyone will follow fashion ones and stuff so my contribution can be good old SLAP

.....and now ive gone and realised that british beauty blogger is in fact part of some other blog site called "blog lovin" so thats no good we cant follow her and give her our support . so heres a link . read it

love ted

Scritchy Itchy!

Hiii :)

Okay so when I came to college today my skin decided to hate on me and I came up in an itchy scritchy red rash on my arms and legs and back!

Good old Gayler packed me off to Lloyd's Pharmacy to sort me out :)

Mrs Pharmacy lady prescribed some good 'old fashioned' antihistamine and itch relief cream - HA!

And now I feel REALLY drowsy :(
But anyway, rash is all sorted so...
Thank you Gayle :) x

New and Improved

During the crit on Friday you all saw my mock up sewing roll, and after suggestions that the pockets should be deeper incase things fell out was a good idea I now have the new and improved sewing roll.

I really like my final outcome because it is alot better than the oringinal mock up and I could see myself even using it as it would be easy to carry round. Amy :)

P.s I added Elle magazine to our blog list :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hey, hope everyone is having a good weekend. For the current project my object is a Willow pattern plate. The blue and white plate has an image on it that tells a story based on an old Chinese legend. I thought it would work well if I focused my project around a story that I could incorporate onto a plate. I chose novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I drew images that I thought represented certain parts of the story and placed them together in an overall image. On Friday I printed the image onto a plate and I plan to print some more on Monday. I’m thinking of having my book as a guide/notebook that goes with the plate explaining the different images.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Heyy It's Amy, Just had the most boring customer service meeting for work 4 hours...not fun. Anyway I was just browsing the internet and I don't know if any of you have come across it before but I found this blog that shows amazing photography and I just thought it might help people with ideas for projects etc..


Friday, 28 January 2011


Hi All

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly looking at different fashion illustrators for inspiration with designs for every project. I came across this blog specifically about illustrations,with images and also ideas on useful books to look at. What I find most exciting are the illustrations for costumes from films such as The Black Swan, its really interesting to see the ideas and then the final outcomes in the films.

Anyway its worth a look! Lots of different techniques to try


The dress was by...Victor & Rolf!!

Victor& Rolf Spring/Summer 2010

The inspiration: THE CREDIT CRUNCH!
The lack of funds meant designers had to cut back on their collections, however, Victor & Rolf took this to whole a new level, by cutting out parts of their garments!! Partway, or all the way through, there was no stopping this pairs fabric sheers!!

"With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns,” Snoeren said"

[Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren]

The gowns shown at the end of the show were absolutely breathtaking and extremely unique.


Now, I love them on the catwalk and in photoshoots, don't get me wrong they are gorgeous dresses, but I feel that as soon as you shove some of the longer dresses on a celebrity in any circumstance, they look a little bit too much like ... hacked into dresses.
Such as on Katy Perry for example:

I just don't think it looks right off the catwalk!! Some of the shorter dresses might look pretty wicked though, like this one on rihanna:

Jenny x

The Final Week of my Origami Project

So it has come to friday once again, which means it's my turn to blog! Fun stuff ehh?? especially that Gayle is offering some prize for the best blogger :) so prepare to be amazing with the next few weeks! (very much doubt it but I will do my best!)
Soooooooo ... not much has happened since last week. Have been carrying on with my origami project ... remember the lamp shades and airplanes?? Yep thats me! And its now come to the point where I'm starting to think of what the hell to make for this journal ... possibly a book on how to make your own art space?? As that was what the photo shoot was all about :)
Making the origami lamp shade, I needed LOADS of sheets of paper to make the entire thing, (took 6 hours to make 3 of them!) Impressed Gayle??? Especially with my TERRIBLE concentration span ... and I know everyone will be thinking this ... but NO caffeine! I'm growing up :D
Heres a photo of what one section looks like:

Sorry for the bad image, but you get the idea! Anyway ... with my not-so-cunning creative ideas (especially this week!) I ended up creating a mock-up front cover out of these bad boys:

Well that's what I've really been doing this week, with the added excitement of my first EVER interview at Falmouth for Textile Design. I think it went well ... meaning if I got to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing, so I guess thats all I could have hoped for really! (Actually on second thought ... Dad's dancing on the way back listening to some band called 'Haircut 100' was an interesting experience ... I think we scared Jackson off! But apart from that, just waiting to hear back from them! So anyone else who has an interview there soon (and from what you may have read from other posts), there seriously is nothing to worry about! Just be yourself and which ever Uni you've applied to, they will be lucky to have you!
So until the next exciting experience that I'm sure will happen next week ... this is me after all, so if I get through it without falling over, breaking my leg or making an UTTER fool out of myself ... it will be successful!
Becca x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A sneak peak at what I'm going to post about tomorrow; this dress is from one hell of a collection!

Jenny [again] x

Yep I am posting this. It made me laugh :P

Typical boys eh?

Now...Back to art!!

Jenny ;D x


For our current project I am basing it around the army and creating a journal for a soldier fighting in the war. When coming up with my designs camouflage played a big part in this, so afterwards I experimented a bit in my sketchbook. One way I did this was by collecting objects and fabrics such as hessian, face paints, netting and other pieces from the garden such as fern. I then collaged these together in my sketchbook and I quite liked using the fern woven into the netting, so this could be something I might try and include within my final piece.

Nancy here, I found this website, and its full of book ideas! I think there are some really inspiring ideas that people could get from some of these books too..

Slightly Embarassing

forgot to actually put up the link ha sorry  check it!


We are approaching the end of our booking a charity project. But just thought I would post this website I just found.. it has a lot of cute bits on it :) I spent today screen printing and now I can actually feel like my project is going somewhere ... the question is will I change my mind again?
 Here is an idea of what my screen prints look like not a brill photo but you get the idea...
 I also should point out that when I typed micro pig into google (other search engines are available) that a picture of Victoria Beckham came up massive funny! And this piggy made me giggle and made me want one even more!!

I also found this lame animation I did at the beginning of art foundation but I do think it looks quite sweet so I am going to attempt to upload a video :o shock horror! Please do not judge me for it! 

G x




 I just want to buy everything on this website! 


Work Experience

Since you obviously missed me sooo much over the past few days i thought i better geive you some kind of explanation for depriving you of my fabulousness got it instead :)

I was working in a PR/marketing/advertising firm and I learnt so much from actually seeing everything we learn applied in the real world and here's a little list;

1) london is noisy, and everyone is busy, so everything you say has to be important and concise
2) most of the time you don't get to say anything so, from a creative point of view get down everything you want to express on paper and, as much as possible in pictures they're so much easier to digest
3) be a good boy scout and BE PREPARED someone could shout PITCH at you anytime!
4) don't use exclamation marks so much :/

I would seriously seriously recommend everyone goes and gets some, in whatever kind of office but just to experience how working in a big city and important office goes even if its just so you can DRESS UP like an important person (That was one of my favourite parts). Going for only two days meant I learnt and worked VERY effectivly and lots of people were willing to give up a little of thier time for me knowing i' be out from under thier feet really soon!

So get working

Ish x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jess here!

So I was just clicking through vogue online and came accross the fact they have 'vogue blogs' and people such as Savannah Miller, Henry Holland and Paul Smith keep one updated! I'm pretty sure most of us would be able to get a degree in stalking with facebook, twitter and blogs! However it was good to look through them to see what Mr Holland himself gets up to while he's not designing -
He's even running the London marathon

I've actually just bought myself a pair of suspender tights from his lated limited edition collection.

The reason I bought them though was because i was inspired by the movie 'Coco before Chanel' that I've only just got round to watching-

It's a beautiful film, deffinitely worth watching and love the fact it's in french. But the film inspired my to try making my own dress pattern- LBD with traditional tailoring but a modern take. Ive made a twarl and finally think it could work so I shall upload pictures when I find the time to finish it!
Oh and I bought the tights because I thought they'd go with the dress.

Hi Guuuuys

Its Lucinda :)

Well today I also make felt! I choose a cream wool for the background and did a orange silhouette of a bird on it for my current project :)

At the precise moment (other then blogging and watching tv ;) ) i am making a tudor costume for my boyfriends niece! :)

ALSO found this awesome blog:

I love her fashion illustrations as I would love to draw like that!

My First Interview

Courtney here!

So...i had my first interview today at falmouth! i was soooo nervous this morning, especially as the traffic was bloody stupid getting there from our hotel but luckerly my daddy got me there just on time =] after dragging me up the bloody hill.....the interview went really well (i think) it was soo relaxed and the tutors who i spoke to were lovely! so anyone else who has an interview there you dont need to worry - you will be fine! They even remembered the work of a few of you who have already been so it means 'we' as a college are making a good impression!

Ellie, Becca, Nancy and i think Poppy also had there interview today so hopefully all of theres went really well too and they enjoyed it! =]

thats all i got to say really - nothing too interesting =]



People who like small animals and sewing will enjoy this:

And look Gayle, it's not even my turn to blog!! :O


Fashion Post!

Okay, I felt I HAD to post again, I suddenly felt like I was having Fashion withdrawal symptoms, and I must do something about it! So here is a load of interesting things I've found the past week or so while being ill...


Reading this Month's Vogue; The Ultimate Spring/Summer Catwalk Report [UK] - in association with Selfridges&Co
The trends for the S/S 2011 Catwalk:
  • Colour Splash; be bright, be bold, and clash with style!
  • Sportswear; keep it smart, sleek and modern.
  • Modern Craft; tassles, feathers and crochet textures!
  • Intense Blue; think ultramarine and oceanic colours!
  • The Gathering; pleats, gathers and draping for added texture and movement!
  • Flowing Fabrics; maxi gowns floating over the body…‘revealing as much as they conceal’
  • White; crisp and clinical elegance in evening gowns and impeccable tailoring.
  • Latin; think frills and full skirts!
  • Denim; pinafores to workday suits - denim rules!
  • The new black: TANGERINE! Vibrant and youthful.
  • Eastern Influence; kimono’s, obi belts and red lips.
  • Layer-Up; soft lines and sheer fabrics.
  • Nude; figure hugging second-skin shades are an elegant alternative to this season’s brights.
  • Natural; floral and fauna.
  • What to wear to keep warm?; trenches and biker jackets!
  • Accessories; belts, gym pants, hats, sunglasses, headscarves, clutches, stachels, platforms, white heels, flat sandals and sculptural shoes.
  • Think the 70s; big hair, big flares!
  • Strong make-up; yellow eye shadow, matching nails and lips, bold red lipsticks and big bold eyes.
  • Hair; big and bold, or sleek and smooth.
  • Bare Back; reveal the new erogenous zone, brave the no bra experience and wear the lowest backed garment you dare!

Mary Katrantzou

Born in Greece, Mary completed or BA and MA at Central St Martins after attending Rhode Island School of Design.
She has freelanced for Bill Blass, and worked for Sophia Kokosalaki amongst other designers.
Her design signatures are hyperrealist aesthetic, industrial jewellery and bold graphics. Her trademark piece for S/S 2011 was the Lampshade Skirt.
For her A/W 2011 Collection, she is inspired by Diana Vreeland, coromandel screens, and the interwar period. She is also soon to collaborate with Atelier Swarovski.

Spring/Summer 2011 London Fashion Week
Gorgeous use of colour and Photo-Print; worth checking out!


Sass & Bide: check out their site - explore it.
They’ve some wicked collections at the moment!


The collection [McQueen], the hair, the models, the photography…
This image is gorgeous, and has a real behind-the-scenes vibe, you can almost feel the energy of the catwalk.


So there you go :)
A few Fashion-y things that really caught my eye!!



Nuff said.

[I will tell you how when I've images of the final piece]

But yeah, just thought I'd say, I found it pretty cool. Never done it before, so yay for a new experience :)
I've a lot of catching up to do now, so must dash,
Being ill and stuck in bed for a week really doesn't help with keeping up...

Jenny x


Its Amy, and Im here blogging a day late again! :)
I found a really good website with collages that his really inspired me and given me lots of ideas for how to display the work in my book.
The name of the website is:
I really like its use of random around the house objects, such as a broken camera, magnifying glass, stamps or even buttons. I've spent the day printing out lots of their work and sticking it into my book.
Last night I managed to collect lots of materials to create the collages is so hopefully im going to do some more when i go home tonight :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oh haii, Hanna's checking in again ...

I whipped out my sewing machine and some scraps of silk and leather and went to tooooowwwwwn! This is the new improved cover for my pirate handbook.

Costume drama

Oh don't you just love them? Yes, possibly the cheesiest TV possible; on every Sunday night is the poorly rated 'Larkrise to Candleford'. It never rains there, even the poorest people are spotless, the accents are wobbly and Dorcas Lane makes me want to be sick, (btw she was the voice of Ginger in chicken run!) but check out these wonderful costumes! Of course this is the most extreme example, a lot of the costumes are subtler with great use of colour (see bottom picture)

And I love this one, look that colour on Laura is amazing and the woman next to her has the most beautiful embellishment around the collar and front of an otherwise dull dress. Actually that character had this amazing orange and black dress last week, I couldnt find a picture but if you watch the programme it might pop up again:
Check out how tiny Dorcas's waist is, must be a pretty hefty corset!!!

If you can bear to watch it please do, this is the last series I think, so please don't miss seeing these wonderfully silly clothes! there will be other costume dramas to replace it, because the show was so popular, but Larkrise to Candleford really is unique, I get through a lot of costume dramas and this often has really good stuff in it.
Oh its izzy if you hadnt guessed!


This week I'm looking at travel and exploring. Where would you want to visit if you could go anywhere??

Complete the sentence "I want..."


Monday, 24 January 2011

it's 10:41pm

I've lost my voice, my romanian neighbour is having a party in his bedroom which is ruining the peaceful mood of my textiles room, and last night i had a dream i got rejected from my top uni choice.

the only way i can see life getting better is if i have these Viktor & Rolf socks.
The end.
(Love Ted)

It's Abbbiiiii :D

Helloha! :)
As its my turn to blog ive decided to show you some of the photos from my photoshoot that I did last week.
It doesnt have anything to do with the current project. But as I really like the dress I made last year, I wanted it in my portfolio :) Unfortunatly I had to get changed in the back of my car, which wasnt very spacious at all, and there were loads of people wondering about too :( AND once I got outside, of course it was absolutly freezing! But overall it was worth it :D