Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Costume drama

Oh don't you just love them? Yes, possibly the cheesiest TV possible; on every Sunday night is the poorly rated 'Larkrise to Candleford'. It never rains there, even the poorest people are spotless, the accents are wobbly and Dorcas Lane makes me want to be sick, (btw she was the voice of Ginger in chicken run!) but check out these wonderful costumes! Of course this is the most extreme example, a lot of the costumes are subtler with great use of colour (see bottom picture)

And I love this one, look that colour on Laura is amazing and the woman next to her has the most beautiful embellishment around the collar and front of an otherwise dull dress. Actually that character had this amazing orange and black dress last week, I couldnt find a picture but if you watch the programme it might pop up again:
Check out how tiny Dorcas's waist is, must be a pretty hefty corset!!!

If you can bear to watch it please do, this is the last series I think, so please don't miss seeing these wonderfully silly clothes! there will be other costume dramas to replace it, because the show was so popular, but Larkrise to Candleford really is unique, I get through a lot of costume dramas and this often has really good stuff in it.
Oh its izzy if you hadnt guessed!

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